Influence of Magnetic Fields on a Dynamic of Biophysical and Biochemical Processes in Cells

Author: Shermatov EN
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 33 , Word Count: 738

Study of radiation field of people with unique abilities showed that such people are able to change the value of magnetic field's tension around or in a certain direction moreover, such alteration of the magnetic field has an oscillatory character. Taking into account a fact that a vital capacity of living substances, including human being, depends basically on value of the Earth's magnetic field tension, it is necessary to find out an influence of the magnetic field on dynamic of biophysical and biochemical processes in human organisms. In order to simplify the problem, such a process is expedient for consideration on a cellular level.

A process of formation of a matter from vacuum liquid and a mechanism providing its division into living substances and a non-living one is considered. As a self-organizing system, a living substance uses the external energy to support and develop its own structure. The external magnetic field plays a basic role in proceeding of various biochemical processes.

Living substances, including cells, may be considered to be a complex of hierarchy of delivered and enclosed wave-packets or phase structures (Fourier images). Two inter-competing forces exert influence on substances, including cells. In accordance with a ratio of these forces, the substances may be in different aggregate states. The influence of a physical vacuum or vacuum liquid leads to amplification of phase coherence among cells elements and deceleration of biochemical processes. Thermal radiation hampers this process. As a result of such interactions, there occur some deformation or polarization of wave packets and various changes of a character of phase correlation among cell's particles for all levels of phase structures hierarchy. This process is accompanied by influx of substance from intercellular environment into cells' internal regions and by a proceeding of various biochemical processes.

The influence of external magnetic fields alters in repolarization degree, as well as in dynamics of oscillating hierarchy of phase structures or cells. Induced magnetic moments possess a three dimensional freedom. If thermal radiation provides of degradation influence on a degree of particle interactions with surrounding substance as whole, the magnetic moments provide degradation influence on internal energetic structures of each element. This can be considered as a factor, which distorts the phase coherence of oscillation's pulsations inside separate elements and the cell as a whole. That leads to alteration of cell's properties as a whole and those of its elements. A shift of biochemical processes, depending on the value of external magnetic field, occurs in cells towards low-energy high-energy region. Decrease, and, as a result, absence of external magnetic field, leads to more symmetric processes when oscillating cells. As a result we have deceleration and forthcoming cessation of biochemical processes for normal support of cell's vital activity. Increase of magnetic field to a certain extent may lead to a favorable proceeding of biochemical processes. However, high values of magnetic field's tension may distort a balance of biochemical processes due to activity. Such distortion may lead to various harmful phenomena.

The proposed conception includes the basic moments of two conception; namely, 'coherent excitation' by H. Frölich, and 'albumen-machine' conception. In terms of a proposed model for the physics of living substance one can explain the original experimental results of V.P. Kaznacheev related to information exchange between distant single-cell organisms and influence of the Earth's magnetic field alteration on vital activity of living organisms, etc.

Biochemical and biophysical processes in the organism of a human being in the process of his/her activity adapt themselves to current values of magnetic field tension conditioned by his/her location. When changing his/her location, the value of the Earth's magnetic field tension naturally changes in other points of the planet. Using its internal resources, human organism tends to restore its biophysical and biochemical processes, and to adapt them to a new value of the magnetic field tension. However, the process of adaptation for people in the old ages may not be always smooth.

As a result of various processes in outer space, some whirl processes exerting the influence on the Earth's magnetic field tension may take place in vacuum liquid. In its turn, alteration of magnetic field, depending on internal abilities and the degree of phase correlation, exerts the influence on vital activity of the human being. In some cases, when he/she is consciously able to make the internal resources ready for such alterations, he/she may stand these processes without any noticeable after-effects.