Wearable Dual Polarized Electromagnetic Knee Imaging System

Author: Kamel Sultan, Amin M Abbosh
Conference/Journal: IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst
Date published: 2022 Apr 5
Other: Volume ID: PP , Special Notes: doi: 10.1109/TBCAS.2022.3164871. , Word Count: 228

With the increasing uptake of sport activities, onsite detection of associated knee injuries at early stages is in high demand to avoid severe ligament tear and long treatment period. Portable electromagnetic imaging (EMI) systems have the potential to meet that demand, but there are challenges. For example, EMI is based on the contrast in the dielectric properties due to the accumulated fluid after knee injury. However, that fluid can be in any shape and orientation. Therefore, to capture enough data for processing, EMI should operate as a dual-polarized wearable system with compact antennas. Thus, the proposed system is a textile brace worn on the knee and consists of an 8-element dual-polarized aperture antenna array, which is matched with the knee. Each of the utilized antennas is fed by two orthogonal coaxial feed, occupies a small size of 36363.1 mm^3, and is backed by a full ground plane for unidirectional radiation. The antenna covers the band 0.7-3.3 GHz (130 %), with front to back ratio of more than 10 dB. The textile wool-felt is used as the substrate to enable building flexible brace system. The system's capability to reconstruct knee images with different injuries is verified on realistic knee models and phantoms. The double stage delay, multiply and sum algorithm (DS-DMAS) is used to reconstruct those images, which demonstrate efficiency of the dual-polarized system and its superiority over single-polarized systems.

PMID: 35380968 DOI: 10.1109/TBCAS.2022.3164871