Practical Applications of Medical Qigong in Nursing and for Self-Healing

Author: Starr FC
Conference/Journal: First World Symp on Self-Healing & Power of Consciousness
Date published: 2001
Other: Pages: 33 , Word Count: 139

The purpose of this work is to educate and illustrate by lecture and interactive demonstration the easy applications of health Qigong for nurses and laypersons. This will be achieved by using examples of the foundational teaching of TOM with the five elements and organ cycles related to health and disease, and interactive demonstration of commonly used stances in the crane, brocade and five animal play stances for immune and cardiovascular systems. Information is a collective of many popular teachings in traditional Chinese systems, including some published by authors such as Ken Cohen, TK Shih, and others. The conclusion is that simple and uncomplicated stances and breathing practice with or without an understanding of traditional Chinese theory in the matter of a few minutes daily, can be easily taught and performed, resulting in notable increases in health conditions and recoveries.