The China qigong culture is worthy of the name of the fountainhead of the new idea about the human civilization

Author: Liu DH
Conference/Journal: 7th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Word Count: 215

The article mainly proves that only the China Qigong culture is worthy of the name of the 'fountainhead' of the new idea about the human civilization among the numerous national cultures in the world.

The purpose of enlarging China Qigong culture is to build up completely new, scientific spiritual culture in the world, that is, to heighten human's corporeal and incorporeal performance and cultural levels. All human civilizations in the same universe, despite difference in race, in belief and in society systems, pursue peaceful democratic, free and happy life. This objective situation inevitably requires establishing a common idea pattern in people's minds, which mean 'neutralization'. Tao, initiated in the article.

In fact, the China Qigong culture theory is going further into philosophic standpoint of 'neutralization' doctrine, which is science of modern dialect call materialism philosophical standpoint. Its' core idea is 'Tao'.

Ten words are summarized in the article; one, heart, middle, upright, unreal, empty, nothing, true, nil, soul. The article emphasizes and points out that once Qigong culture, which has long history and is also a completely new culture ideological system, is understood and accepted by people, it will strongly push forward the development of peaceful, democratic, free and advanced causes of the people in countries all over the world in the next new century.