The beneficial effect of qigong on age health care

Author: Wang C//Xu D//Qian Y
Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai, China
Conference/Journal: 7th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 156 , Word Count: 159

Health and longevity is the wish of all mankind. Over the past half of a century, progress of society and the development and improvement in medical care have all contributed toward the universal prolonging of human life. The proportion of the number of old people to the total population is ever increasing. In order to [aid] the society in whatever endeavor [is] within their capability, it is therefore the medical welfare of old people [of greatest concern]. Here, Chinese medical science has a great advantage. Descriptions of numerous ways and practices to combat senility can be easily found to be effective and convenient.

Experimental data shows that persons persisting in Qigong exercise exhibit in general the following characteristics. The heart beats regularly and forcefully. Breathing is smooth and fluent. Physically and mentally vigorous. It is known by abundant clinical data that persisting in Qigong exercise not only have their maladies alleviated, but also the process of senility is retarded.