The qigong quick-benefit intelligence - An important tool to improve the population quality extract

Author: Feng X
Conference/Journal: 7th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 150 , Word Count: 175

Supported and cared for by the educational administrations of all levels at the Qigong Society and Dontai School in Jiansu Province, the author began to put the Qigong Quick-benefit Intelligence invented to use in class teaching since 1988. The results of the experiment to enhance the student's whole qualities by the use of the methods of Qigong-Quick benefit Intelligence are 'amazingly' satisfactory in only several months.

The teaching experiments of more than 40 classes around the county and the learning practices of the students of correspondent schools from 31 provinces and cities proved that the Qigong Quick-benefit Intelligence is multifunctional on moral, intellectual and aesthetic education, as well as physical training. Only if they study the basic knowledge and the basic theory concerned attentively and insist on the necessary training, they would get various remarkable results on developing the potential intelligence, strengthening the health, improving their appearance, prolonging their lives, moulding the temperament and developing the morality, etc., Thus, the qualities of their ideology, morality, and the physical and psychological, scientific and cultural ones will be improved greatly.