Discovery on the standing biofield

Author: Luo X//Zhu NL//Chang YF//Yi H
Research Institute of Somatic Science of Yunnan University, Yunnan, China 650091
Conference/Journal: 7th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 90 , Word Count: 347

The Research Institute of Somatic Science of Yunnan University engaged in a series of experiments on a B - R chemical oscillating system affected by a bioray (Wai - Qi, paranormal radiation) during 1991- 1994. These experiments carried out with sixteen persons with four hundred tests show the following:

1. Influence of the bioray on chemical oscillation is very remarkable.
Oscillation is quick or slow (oscillation time may be postponed three times), or intermittent. In a B - R chemical oscillating system (iodine clock), the density of the iodine negative ion becomes periodical. What sat up two electrodes (calomel pole and iodine pole) describes periodicity of electric potential difference between two electrodes. It may exhibit the chemical oscillating process.

2. Discovery on the standing biofield.
Men with Qigong or paranormal function bring very remarkable change to the chemical oscillation. It accumulates and produces 'a standing biofield' in the space. When these men left the laboratory, a strong effect which can stop oscillation sometime exists on the chemical oscillation in the space. It implies that a standing biofield exists in the space.

3. The standing biofield is confined to a finite pace.
A. What every person every time becomes a beaker shows that the biofield does not accumulate in the beaker.
B. When whole detection instruction is carried to another laboratory, it returns an original oscillation. If it is again carried to the laboratory, the intermittent oscillation will occur, which exhibits that the biofield exist in the space of the laboratory, but is not enclosed in instruction.

4. The standing biofield decays with time.
The biofield decays after four - five hours and cannot bring the B - R oscillation to anomalous.

5. Comparative experiments show that the standing biofield is not a known field.
Electric or magnetic fields, etc., cannot produce similar anomalous effects on the B - R oscillating system. Moreover, wind blows a half hour in the space by electric fan with 3 kW power, but dose not affect the effect of the standing biofield on the B - R oscillation, which exhibits that it has nothing to do with air movement.