The Use of DC Electrodermal Potential Measurements and Healer's Felt Sense to Assess the Energetic Nature of Qi

Author: Syldona Maria//Rein Glen
Dept. Psychiatry, School of Medicine, State University of New York at Stony Brook//Dept. Liberal Studies, John F. Kennedy Univ., Orinda, California & Quantum Biology Research Lab, Miller Place, New York.
Conference/Journal: J Altern Complement Med
Date published: 1999
Other: Volume ID: 5 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 329-347 , Word Count: 158

Because DC electrodermal potential measurements do not involve introducing a current into the body, it was postulated that temporal fluctuations in DC potential values on acupoints would be a useful method for assessing the subtle energetic changes of qi. DC potential measurements from acupoints and nonacupoints were therefore compared when energy healing practitioners were in an external focus state, were healing at a distance (external qi), or were self-healing (internal qi). The results show statistically significant differences between measurements obtained on and off acupoints and between external focus and healing states. Subjects' report of felt sense of the flow of qi moving in their body also correlated with DC potential readings, but only those readings taken on acupoints. The results support the hypothesis that pattern information from temporal fluctuations in DC potential electrodermal measurements reflects the movement and/or amount of a physical, electrical activity that corresponds to the traditional Eastern concept of qi circulating in the body.