Emission of extremely strong magnetic fields from the head and whole body during oriental breathing exercises.

Author: Hisamitsu T; Seto A; Nakazato S; Yamamoto T; Aung SK
Department of Physiology, Showa University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.
Conference/Journal: Acupunct Electrother Res
Date published: 1996
Other: Volume ID: 21 , Issue ID: 3-4 , Pages: 219-27 , Word Count: 144

This article reports the result of an experiment that was designed to measure the biomagnetic field emanating from two individuals who were practising traditional Oriental Qi Gong breathing exercises. The biomagnetic field was measured with differential coils wound 80,000 turns, a magnetic needle compass and a digital electromagnetic wave detection device. It was found that an extremely strong magnetic field was emitted from the two individuals. One subject emitted a magnetic field at the level of 200-300 mT (2-3 mGauss) and the other at 0.13 mT (1.3 mGauss). In both cases, moreover, the magnetic needle compass rotated 30 degrees (this was tested 32 times). When the rotation of the needle occurred, a reproducible magnetic field of 800-1500 mT (8-15 mGauss) was indicated on the digital measuring device (this was tested 12 times). It is concluded that traditional Oriental Qi Gong breathing appears to stimulate an unusually large biomagnetic field emission.