Qigong For Children Program

Author: Garcia Gaspar//Carmona Jose
Asociacion Espanola de Qigong Clinica Buchinger, Marbella, Spain
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 239-241 , Word Count: 991

In the last III World Conference of Medical Qigong organized by the
World Academic Society of Medical Qigong two years ago, we presented the Qigong for Children Program as we had been applying it in the City of Marbella, Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Today, our experience enlarged to other cities and countries, we would like to present through a video and this paper our continuous research and work in this field with the hope that it will help and encourage other professionals into this most rewarding application of Medical Qigong knowledge. Objectives of the Qigong for Children Program:

We believe that the best things that you can give anybody are health, peace and happiness, love, inner strength and security, the possibility of mastership of one ability (a hobby, self expression through body creativity. Qigong training gives all of that. When we teach children Qigong we are actually giving them tools which they will be able to use throughout their lives to lead a more healthy, rewarding, successful and happy existence: In our teaching program we have set ourselves the following precise objectives:

Teach Correct Breathing and the Capacity to Utilize the
Breath for Thought/Emotion Management: Diaphragmatic breathing
to increase the lung capacity and certain breathing techniques
to help up stay in control of our lives.

Teach Concentration: The ability to stay focused on one thing
at will is one of the most valuable assets we can have. Success
in any field is partially the result of our capacity to dive
with deep attention into any matter.

Teach Relaxation: To be able to relax at will is a wonderful
balsam. It protects our health, saves energy and allows us to
take distance and thus better 'see and feel' life's situations.

Teach Regular Exercise: Exercise is one of the best medicine that exists. It prevents and it heals physical, mental and emotional diseases. To teach the children this truth will be a tremendous benefit to them and to society.

Teach Human Values: To give the children a set of laws and rules to which they can adhere and relate in life's complicated situations is of extreme importance. In this sense Qigong training gives the children a foundation, a center, and a clear direction to decipher and solve life's multiple demands.

Techniques Taught in the Qigong for Children Program:

In the beginning stage of the program we teach the following techniques:

a. Standing meditation
b. The 18 Luohan Hands
c. Sitting and quite Qigong
d. Self Massage

The techniques taught have been chosen taking in consideration the child's particular physical and mental make up, as well as his needs. As a medical doctor I am well aware of the importance of regular exercise to keep good health but not just any type of exercise, but the most adequate one for the practitioner.

In this sense the Hands of the 18 Luohans are a set of exercises extremely suitable for the children's age and growing body. The correct work and alignment of the spinal column and the body joints, the stretching and the vigorous muscle training which strengthens key muscle groups plus the deep inhalations and exhalations throughout the form are a key aspect for the
success of the program. Methodology of Qigong for Children Program the method of teaching any subject is fundamental in the transmission of the message or teachings, but in relation to children it is even more important. The teacher must not only be very well capacitated in the techniques i. e., be an extremely good practitioner (and when teaching children even more so, given the fragile and delicate nature of the student), but he must have certain abilities to be able to get the message across during a relative long period of time. Our method of teaching can be
summarized in three words:


With the discipline we give them the foundation, the center, the structure, the experience of the practice (since Qigong is above all an experience), with the fantasy we give them freedom, liberty and fun and counter the seriousness (that must be there, of the discipline)? with the talking we get the children's collaboration, attention, love, friendship and transmit and clarify certain important concepts.

The actual Qigong for Children Program is a very structured and gradual program with definite breathing, concentration, relaxation and moral values concepts and techniques that are taught in a given manner. The name of the movements to spark the children's imagination (the white tiger looks down the road, the snake comes out of the cave, the dragon pushing the mountain, range, etc.) telling of stories, games in couples, coloring books, toys and competitions are but just a few of the different methods use to make these teachings more enjoyable and accessible to the children.

It is very important to note that the teacher's motivation is
indispensable; he must understand the tremendous role that he is playing in society; for the children are the future society. Part of the program is to get the family involved into Qigong as a nucleus:

a. Family Unity
Communication and Sharing

Through the practice of these techniques are important (for example organizing training together with the whole families, asking the children to teach their parents a certain skill, etc.)

Perspectives of Qigong for Children Program The future are the children, the future is Qigong, why not put them together? Right now we are forming instructors and qualifying them with a high teaching standard so they can correctly transmit to children these deep method. Different entities (public and private schools, gymnasiums, etc.) in European countries and the USA are showing a great interest in this program and how to include it in their regular activities. Right at this moment an important toy
company is studying the possibility of creating a line of products to introduce these teachings into the market. In this respect we hope to be able to give you good news in the future.