[Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, mobile phones, and health effects: where are we now?]

Author: Miligi L1
1SS Epidemiologia dell'ambiente e del lavoro, SC Epidemiologia dei fattori di rischio e degli stili di vita, Istituto per lo studio, la prevenzione e la rete oncologica (ISPRO), Firenze; l.miligi@ispro.toscana.it.
Conference/Journal: Epidemiol Prev.
Date published: 2019 Sep-Dec
Other: Volume ID: 43 , Issue ID: 5-6 , Pages: 374-379 , Special Notes: doi: 10.19191/EP19.5-6.P374.107. [Article in Italian] , Word Count: 234

This paper aims to present useful elements for framing the issue of exposure to radio frequencies (RFs), in particular those related to telecommunications, and the possible effects on health also in the light of the rapid evolution of technologies (the advent of 5G). New developments in the field oblige us to reflect on the possible implications in terms of public health. Here, we have preferred to take stock and not to demand a systematic review. The development of telecommunications is creating great interest in all sectors for the possibility of new applications, but is also increasing concern for the effects on health not yet fully known, to the point that there is a growing mobilization against the introduction of 5G both at national and at international level. Epidemiological studies and metanalyses on the relationship between cancer and RFs, particularly those on mobile phones, still identify areas of uncertainty that need to be investigated, and studies on non-cancer effects are growing in number, suggesting the possibility of new risks. The relative scenarios that will open with the 5G trial are likely to change the overall exposure level of the population as a result of major changes in the network architecture. Therefore, it is important to adopt a strongly precautionary approach. Given the strong concerns of the population, the competent institutions should implement information and awareness programmes through adequate risk communication.

PMID: 31659885 DOI: 10.19191/EP19.5-6.P374.107