Health - Strengthening Qigong of Retractile Tortoise

Author: Gulling Dog
Room 607, NO. 669 Jangling Road, Shanghai, 200040
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 234-235 , Word Count: 431


Based on the scientific Chinese medical theory, this Qigong
form not only functions to promote life activity, eliminate diseases for longevity, preserve health, strengthen legs, reduce weight and build up body, but to prevent and cure diseases of the zang-fu organs and is markedly effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases of intestines, vagina and urethra.


Stand with two feet together and two arms hanging down, the palms facing downward, the eyes looking forward. Relax and tranquilize naturally (beginners may stand with the feet apart and gradually learn to put feet together when squatting).


Posture of hands remains the same. Lift the heels a bit and meanwhile stretch the waist to take a deep breath. Draw in the abdomen and lift the anus. Draw in Qi to the lower Dantian and make relevant acupoints Yinjiao (DU 28), Qihai (RN 6) Shimen
(RN 5), Guanyuan (RN 4), Zhongji (RN 3), Qufu (RN 2) and Huiyin (RN 1) below the navel and zang-fu organs such as liver, kidney, stomach, spleen, large intestine, small intestine to acquire
external Qi.

Then raise two hands slowly over to the breast from sides and
turn the down-facing palms to up-facing ones. Lift over the head. Pause a moment and then slowly rotate downward to the posture in the preparation state.

Lift heels, take two or three deep breaths, pull up the trouser legs (be prepared for the key movement). Squat slowly and two arms cross over knees and hold the other by elbow or lower part of the arm. Standard posture is to draw in the abdomen, lift the anus, slightly shake the whole body, contract the body, slightly retract the neck, shrug shoulders, look forward and keep the posture like the retractile tortoise.

After three or five minutes (a longer time is preferred) raise the hip a bit with knees still in two arms. Meanwhile take a deep breath. Repeat it once or three times. Then rise to erect.

Lift heels, inhale once or three times, relax gradually from the head to feet (head, face, neck, chest, stomach, legs, sole, then shoulders, elbows and hands). Return to the original condition for a rest. Repeat the movement from erection to squatting once or three times.

Diseases Prevented and Treated:

This form of Qigong can strengthen legs. reduce weight, build up body, promote digestion, tonify the spleen and stomach, benefit the Five Zang Organs, induce diuresis and relax bowels. Moreover, it helps to eliminate some lumbar disease, prostatitis, prostentic hyperpiasia, prostatic carcinomat polyuria, acute urination, hematuria, painful urination, diabetes, proapermia, sexual degradation, hysteromyoma, some other diseases, intestinal diseases, hemorrhoid, constipation, etc.