Profit of longevity by adequate abstention from cereals

Author: Miao Sheng
Dalian Hutan Convalescent Hospital
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 232 , Word Count: 282

Abstention from cereals by means of taking Qi is actually inhaling Qi, having natural and pure Qi for food and avoiding food.

It's easy to follow this form of Qigong which emphasizes mind focusing and self-control. Before practice, make sure of the duration of Qigong in order to meet the demand of preserving health and eliminating illness. During practice, food must be avoided but a little water can be available.

Two periods of time are very demanding. One is dinner time, the other, the third and fourth days. For the sake of achieving abstention from cereals, Qi of nature, yin-yang and five elements is absorbed. When attacked by hunger, just imagine the genuine Qi entering into the body. Draw up the vulva and anus and draw in the abdomen when inhaling Qi. Mind focuses on Shenque (RN 8), two fingers' breadth below the navel and Jiuwei (RN 15) below the xiphoid process of the sternum. Inhaling once and exhaling once makes one exercise.

When exhaling Qi, relax the vulva. This exercise will indirectly help to cure prolapsed of uterus, gastroptosia, enteritis, proctitis and constipation, because the zang-fu organs are massaged by skin and muscles.

Special regulation is done by the mind (One upward and one downward is one exercise; don't exceed 18 times). You will feel your stomach full neither with a sensation of hunger nor with a desire for food. You look vigorous and enter into a carefree state. This is what we call abstention from cereals by inhaling Qi. Its function is as follows.

1. Purify mind, consume redundant substance and energy
2. Change inner mechanism, promote self immunity
3. Provide against possible trouble, possess more resistance
against disasters.
4. Be indicated for adiposis, hyperlipemia and diabetes.