The prospects and development of Chinese qigong in the 21st century

Author: Nagura Osamu
Head of Directors, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Japan Branch
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 227 , Word Count: 345

Medical Qigong is a very important aspect of Chinese medicine. Its
growth and development will play the most central role in the establishment of global medical treatment in the 21st century for several reasons.

Today, human beings are facing a life or death crisis. The Chinese
medical concept of regulation of the body, the philosophy that 'Heaven and Humans Come Together as One' will be the basis of 21st century medical treatment in order to correct the existing contradictory approach to medical treatment. Medical treatment based on life energy must become the main current in holistic medical treatment.

Medical Qigong has historically been called upon to aid human
development and life as seen in various fields of study such as:

Fetal Respiratory Qigong:

Infant Developmental Qigong
Children's Health Strengthening
Martial Arts-Style Qigong which aids in the mental, moral and physical development of children

Health-Preserving Medical Qigong for an aging society
Preventive Medical Qigong and the Advancement of Healthy Body Treatment
Qigong in View of the Present Day Rapid Increase in:

serious diseases
chronic diseases
diseases linked to physical constitution

In addition, as education is the very foundation of an effective health
care system, it is very important to set up a system of higher education to train individuals to become effective health care professionals.

China has a 4000-year history of medicine and of training and educating people as health care professionals such as Qigong doctors and Qigong practitioners which can be drawn from in view of this goal. Internships in actual clinical settings in which students can gain practical knowledge and experience similarly play an important role in the advancement of such an educational system. At the same time a system of international
qualification must be established. Medical Qigong strives for the
regulation of the body, breathing and the mind as Chinese medicine strives to guide us through the path of life.

The above is the perspective of the Japan Branch of the Beijing
University of Chinese Medicine concerning education and we will make our
best efforts to further the implementation of such a program.