Peculiar mind state into meditation - significance of qigong Introduced to universities

Author: Lin Maomei
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 217 , Word Count: 321

Qigong has been introduced into physical training in Aizhi University since 1993. Through training, those who seem to enter the meditation are distinctly cheerful, entirely free from worry, and happy beyond description. Physiologically, their blood pressure goes down, the frequency of respiration and the beat of pulse slightly decrease. Some even feel warm with plentiful saliva in the mouth. Uneasy people become relaxed, and bad tempered ones quiet. It's clear that Qigong is helpful in calming mood.

The questionnaire to those who practice Qigong is as follows:

'It's novel to learn something new'

'I don't feel nervous in class and take in what has been taught better than before'

'I'm glad to have Qigong class. It's in keeping with my interest and physical power. I'l1 persist in doing it'

'I have come to understand what Qigong is'

'It compensates for inadequacy of daily movement. The way to relax oneself has been got'

'It's fine not to have competition'

'To have a Qigong class once a week may keep people in a calm, unruffled mood.'

According to fifty-eight people investigated, the digestive system (a better appetite, relieving from constipation), the respiratory system (not easy to catch cold), and sleep are well improved. The obvious effect is especially reflected in dispelling depression:

agreeable mood
free from anxiety
eager to get to work
concentrated attention

21st century is characterized by the civilized age of brains, mind and Qi. The adopted Dongying training practice - Qigong will be popularized among students in universities. More research work should be carried on. The future society is highly informative, more urban, and diverse. There is a need to think in terms of complex organizational affiliation, and chaos, and to provide arrangements among people that evoke what they really want to see in themselves:

full of vitality
capable of choosing the right information
able to bring their potentiality into full play
eager to contribute themselves to the human society.