On factors which make qigong and extra human ability and produce preventive effect in modern life

Author: Yang Yunhua
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 215-216 , Word Count: 474

Echo Field Produced by Physical and Biological Fields:

Cerebral senilism, cerebralvascular sclerosis and cerebral thrombosis may be caused by some special physical and biological fields in the universe. Some physical fields can produce strong echo fields containing substances X, E and G which can stop conductive nitrogen, ultraviolet ray, and substances A, B and C from coming down. As a result, it is very difficult for people to take in these substances which are essential to health. If man fails to get them fatigue, blood supply shortage of cerebrum and cerebellum, myocardial ischemia, cerebralvascular sclerosis and necrosis will occur.

Making use of specially composed music and extra human ability and mind, I have designed a magnetic field in which people are in meditation. The mistake column in biology by means of musical sound wave and magnetic field resonance is changed into a long Qi column. Then I make use of high body energy to purify it and return it to human body. This not only does good to the human body but converts wastes into useful materials.

Season Changing:

Many diseases are likely to attack in spring because of the rise
of Yang-Qi. In winter, a great number of senior people and children stay at home. There is a rise in CO2 in their bodies which will block their blood circulation. Moreover, sulfur in air cannot be brought into full play due to its decrease.

Based on above phenomenon, I make use of Qigong to increase sulfur in the human body in order to fight against the impairment by harmful substances in atmosphere. A special ' music mind-will' is made to replace the sulfur in the universe. The human biological field is activated by my extra power to produce resonance with sulfur in atmosphere. Then I return the produced substance to the human body. As a result, physical constitution immunity and the ability against harmful substances are improved. So far this preventive effect has been achieved.

Farm Products Polluted by Fertilizer and Farm Chemicals:

In modern society it is hard for us to guard against farm products
polluted by fertilizer and farm chemicals. Diabetes and urinary diseases are directly related to it.

First, Qigong practice can help dredge channels and collaterals,
promote blood circulation and normalize metabolism.

Second, extra power, mind focusing and biological field in the
universe can interact with one another to produce such substances as ' Jia', ìbin', 'yi' and oxygen and they can be made into a microwave in combination with Qigong field. When melanin and 'yi-carried hormone' in the human body meet this wave, their structure is modified and substance 'AC' is generated which can serve as disinfectant and sterilized pharmaceutics. As a result, man can
restore his health to its best state and miraculous therapeutic effects can be achieved in the treatment of some difficult and complex diseases.