On the optimizing design of detoxification and energy-filling and its effect in the qin - way to health and sublimation (Q-WHS)

Author: Qinyin
50l N. Annie Glidden Rd. Apt. B-10, Dekalk, IL 60115 USA
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 204-205 , Word Count: 384

Some Specific Healing Cases by Q-WHS:

1. Ms. Jing Zhang, 54 years old, a retired worker from Beijing Public Transportation Company. She had long been distressed by severe heart disease, chronic nephritis, obesity (weight about80kg) and womb cancer, etc. After learning the Q-WHS in 1996 and practicing everyday since then, at one time she continued to fast for more than 20 days, her weight was reduced for about 7.5kg while was more energetic than before. All of her past diseases thus miraculously disappeared.

2. Mr. Huimin Huang, 59 years old, a worker with Chinese Science Academy. He had danger hypertension and weighed as much as 100kg. After practicing the Q-WHS for one month, his hypertension was reduced and stabilized thereafter. His weight was also reduced to only 70kg, he seemed to be rejuvenated.

3. Ms. Baoqin Wu, 38 years old, a staff worker of Peking University. She worried about her overweight (91.5kg) and heart disease before attending a Q-WHS class. In that class, her weight was amazingly reduced for 5 pounds on the spot. After that she persisted in practicing Q-WHS, and her weight continued to decrease and finally dropped, about 30 pounds in a week. Her heart disease was cured and she felt to be brimming with youthful vigor.

The Special Design of Detoxification and Energy-filling in Q-WHS:

1. The design of Detoxification Standing (slide)
Body Control: Pyramidal Structure of Voidness on Top and
solidity at bottom.
Sound Control: The Strong Sound Wave of Detoxification
Consciousness Control: The Information of Detoxification and
Energy-Filing Working from the Inside and Outside
2. Systematic Design of Q-WHS:

Stretching the Jing-luo --> Energy-Filling --> Detoxification

Spontaneous Adjustment Energy Influx Repentance and Renewal

Adjustment by 3 Circles Opening up Internal Detoxification
Energy Channels Standing

3. Auxiliary designs

Series of designs for the purposes of psychological and physiological detoxification.

Analysis of the Fundamental Reasons of Becoming IU and the Idea of Detoxification and Energy-Filling:

A. Fundamental Reasons of Becoming IU:

Loss of Vital Original Qi
Extravagance in Various Respects
Accumulation of Toxic Factors in the body

B. Analysis of Several Diseases:

Imbalance of Inner Secretion, Joint and Bone Disease

Main Characteristics of Q-WHS:

Based on the idea of detoxification and energy-filling as its
gliding idea, Q-WHS has made important breakthroughs in Qigong theory and practice in order to make it more suitable for the modern society.