The mingled culture and health focus in the 21st century

Author: Li Shun//Wu Jinxian
25, Baishigiao Rd. Haidian, Beijing, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 202-204 , Word Count: 534

Proposal of the Diagram of Tri-Ultimate:

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors created the splendid yin-yang culture, exploding the spiral development law of the universe with the help of Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate and the
Eight Trigrams. Its binary principle not only promoted the evolution of human culture and the development of science and technology, but attracted worldwide attention.

However the present-day life is colorful. Things and laws beyond the reach of yin-yang theory emerge. Therefore, is it possible to develop a colorful tri-ultimate culture, a culture supplementing and developing the yin-yang theory and a law manifesting the present-day social life development?

Concept of the Diagram of Tri-Ultimate:

The sketch map of the Diagram of Tri-Ultimate is as follows:


Blue, red and yellow parts in the obverse side constitute an entity of contradiction. The three colors correspondingly stand for heaven, people and earth, and the corresponding relation of the ten thousand things of creation is also revealed. The sketch map can be drawn at one stroke. The fish-eyes are white, implying one producing two, two producing three and three the ten thousand things of creation.

In the reverse side, fish-eyes and the triangle are white, meaning the return of the three colors to the origin, also reflecting the law of the negation of negation as well as the spiral development of mankind. The white triangle lays emphasis on the stability of the unity of opposites.

Roles of the Diagram of Tri-Uitimate and Three Sets Numerical Permutation:

The diagram attempts to reveal the developing law of social life in a vivid way, and to track down a methodology which manifests the relations of positive and negative, spear and shield, Yin and Yang and which makes things break off its original balance and evolve
into something new. The diagram intends to explain the multipolarization law of people and things in constant motion.

Role of Three Sets of Numerical Permutation:


4 9 2 1 2 3 7 8 9

3 5 7 4 5 6 4 5 6

8 1 6 7 8 9 1 2 3


Notes: There are altogether eight kinds of diagrams whose either three numbers make up 15. The three sets of numerical permutation, being the products of Taiji Eight Trigrams and Jiugong Diagram, are applied to computer and to program-controlled telephone by modern technology. They have brought great
conveniences to communication and exchanges.

However, the numerical permutation can also bring people health and disaster. Different numerical permutation can tell people's illness or health.

Above all, reasonable numerical permutation can help cure diseases. This is called 'Numerical Prescription', one form of the medicine-free therapy, saving time, energy and money. The sick, with a peaceful mind, whether walking, sitting or lying, read in mind a set of numerals arranged in accordance with the law of changes for 30 minutes, and disease will be cured or health will be preserved.

Better effects are achieved when done before sleep. This practice is an invisible medicine, a brand-new source of life energy. This therapy has proved effective to various difficult and complex diseases by a dozen Chinese doctors with clinical practice on about ten thousand people. Its effective rate reaches about 98%. As to the exact permutation of numerals and therapeutic method, please refer to the Chapter: Curing Diseases with Numerals in my book 'Practical Forecast of Leixiang.'