Research on the aging-delaying effect of qigong practice

Author: Yin Jianguo
Qigong Dept. Nanping Military Branch Area, Fujian Province
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 200-201 , Word Count: 705

Regulating with Qigong the Fluids Concerning the Endocrine System:

The endocrine system is composed of some endocrine gland cells
which are organized in either chain forms or circular forms, or bag-like forms. The cells are surrounded by ample blood vessels and lymph vessels. Through these vessels hormones produced by cells are transferred with blood circulation to various organs of the body, hence regulate the biological functions of metabolism, growth and reproduction,

The degeneration can occur in the process of human growth. For
instance the pineal body degenerates when people approach
teenagers, thoracic gland degenerates at 20 years old, adrenal
gland degenerates at 30 years old, ovary or testis degenerates
at 40 years old. The degeneration is one of the factors
contributing to metabolic disorder and thus makes people become
old and feeble. According to Qigong records, people through
practice can achieve a feeling like being electrified and the
body seems to be transparent. A kind of vital power can
activate internal glands and hence enable the glands to produce
hormones and meet the needs of the body.

For detailed instructions of the practice, please consult the
'Form of Nourishing Qi and Storing Energy' and ìForm of
Tongzibaiguanyin. '

Regulating with Qigong to Maintain Blood Production:

Blood production is originated from marrow. As people grow up, the marrow is gradually being replaced by fat, namely yellow marrow, which no longer has capability to produce blood. The so-called red marrow which can produce blood is very few in number so it could not produce enough blood to meet the needs of the normal daily activity of human beings. Insufficient blood supply is one of the main factors making people old and feeble.

When practicing Qigong people can fully merge with nature and
gather Qi from the heaven and earth, sun and moon, mountains
and rivers, flowers and trees, etc. The Qi concentrated on
diaphragm combined with body fluids generate the power, which
can rejuvenate people. Imitating the tortoise to project and
retract can promote the transformation of the yellow marrow
into the red one and as a result, to maintain normal blood
supply to life.

Regulating with Qigong the Nerve System:

Nerve system as a dominant part among various biological systems can regulate the biological activities of various organs of the body and ensure them to adjust themselves to various internal and external changes. When people approach to a certain age, vital energy starts to degenerate and fails to nourish the nerves. As a result, the nerve and muscle in some way might be disconnected. The atrophy occurs at the joints between muscle fibers and nerve endings positioning on the muscle fibers, which leads to paralysis of the nerve system, disturbance of the transmission and muscular atrophy.

Atrophy is one of the main factors making people old and feeble. During the Qigong practice, Qi is nourished and stored through projective and retroactive movements. The vital power can pull open bit by bit the cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra to remove the obstacles for blood production and to regulate the neighboring nerves and sympathetic nerves surrounding the nerve center.

To beat the body slightly can maintain the stretch of nerve endings and make them sticky. As a result, the muscle remains springy owing to the tight joint of nerve and muscle. In this way the process of muscle aging will be delayed.

Regulating with Qigong the Circulatory System and Metabolism:

Blood circulation is fundamental compared with tissue fluid
circulation, lymph fluid circulation, and cerebrospinal fluid circulation.

Such factors as imbalance of internal system, obstacles in blood
production, nerve system disorder can cause circulating disorder and metabolic disorder. The cells cannot obtain enough supplement of oxygen and nutrition and the aging process will accelerate.

Pathogens can be dispelled by treating the excess in the upper and the deficiency in the lower and by relieving wind-dampness. The vital Qi can be tonified by nourishing Qi and energy. The innate Qi and acquired Qi can be strengthened by tonifying the kidney, spleen and stomach. The projective and retroactive movements like tortoise can promote blood production to regulate nerves. When photochemical reaction is achieved, body cells will be lightened and electrified and thus harmony of the metabolism and circulatory system will be achieved.