Benefits from a three-day's fasting

Author: Wang Shikui
p. B. 881067, 45-1, Xiangguan Rd., Xiangshui County, Jiangxi, Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 199-200 , Word Count: 418

At 14:00 on Feb. 2, 1998, when I was about to practice Qigong, I suddenly felt tears streaming down continuously. I sneezed a dozen times, then water-like discharge ran from my nose. I felt uncomfortable all over; chilly, weak, numb and aching.

At 14:30, I managed to force myself on Qigong exercise during which my tears and running nose kept troubling me. When I was in Qigong's deep-level state, had few tears and little water running from my nose, but felt lower abdomen distended and full. The cold sensation tapered off.

At 18:40, I finished the exercise, with lower abdomen full and loss of appetite. I drank two bowls of tea and ate two big apples. For the next day, I still had a full sensation and did not feel like eating. I drank four bowls of cold boiled water and ate six big apples. I kept practicing Qigong for eight hours all day long.

On February 5th evening, I had two bowls of porridge. The benefits resulted from the three-day abstention from cereals are as

1. Good Appetite: I have a good appetite usually. And now I enjoy
food and dishes much more than ever.

Brisk Pace: I used to walk 6 Km. an hour. Now I can make 8Km an hour, feeling energetic and tireless.

Good Memory: My brain cells are activated. I remember what happened in my childhood, and have a clear mind.

Strong Resistance to Coldness: I did not put on more clothes when temperature dropped. Instead of feeling cold, I felt warm all over.

Strong Self-Control: On the following day of the three-day exercise, I was wronged by a friend of mine. I didn't answer back as usual. I somehow held back myself and explained everything to him patiently and kindly. As a result, the misunderstanding between us was clarified and friendship restored.

Full of Goes: I used to take a nap or I would feel sleepy at night. Now I always work until eleven o'clock t feeling sleepless. Sometimes I don't have noontime snooze and still feel energetic after eleven o'clock.

Bright Eyes: Now I can keep on reading for four or five hours. I feel my eyes brighter and more piercing.

Young and Healthy: I have the strengthened immunity to aging due to my persistence in Qigong practice all year round. I don't appear aged among the people of my age.

After a three-day's abstention, I radiate the vigor of my youth, my
cheeks rosy, my eyes glowing. I am at least three or five years younger.