On care of subconsciousness again in relation to preventing and curing diseases by means of qigong

Author: Yuan Wenpeng
202, 34#, Jianshi Er Jie, Fushan, Guangdong Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 198-199 , Word Count: 451

Whether or not subconsciousness is well cared is the crucial link of enabling the subconsciousness to exercise a better auto-control and self-adjustment in preventing and curing diseases. If one has exercised his auto-adjustment system and believes in it, he can overlook many diseases and recuperate automatically with the help of subconsciousness according to its own intrinsic order.

Through my own experience, it has been proven that a good care of the subconsciousness is very important in treating and preventing illness and must be in the light of a transformation of viewpoint and stand. The care of subconsciousness involves two aspects:

Care in a Morbid State:

This is basically done by both functions of consciousness and subconsciousness for the purpose of regulating the auto-adjustment system. When treating a disease, instead of relying on medication and doctors, one should turn to his own subconsciousness and auto-adjustment system to free them from long-term restraint of traditional concept. Regarding the maintenance of subconsciousness, I hold my view as follows:

We should first change the viewpoint and stand and free them from long-term restraint of traditional concepts.

During the whole curing course, we should maintain pleasant and stable mood.

When using Qigong to cure illness, we should make consciousness lead our thoughts in a static state and let subconsciousness work naturally.

When using Qigong to cure illness, we are required to forget our disease and avoid any suspicion and fear. Instead we should be positive and believe in ourselves.

Be sure to prevent from any disturbance of evil information from hospital and people around you.

Care in a Normal State:

Good attention should be paid to the subconsciousness not only when practicing Qigong, but also during our work, daily life and sleeping. Any interference with healthy information on the subconsciousness should be avoided and got rid of.

Try to create a friendly and harmonious circumstance, especially a harmonious family.

Further strengthen the control on the seven human emotions and furnish us with healthy ideas constantly.

According to our own interests, arrange some of our favorite recreational and sports activities in a planned way, so as to activate the positive elements in our subconsciousness.

Based on our own characteristics, cultivate self-confidence and temper a strong willpower. Be sure to overcome any inferiority, suspicion and coward complex in our thoughts.

Permeate the Qigong principle and requirement into our daily life and working to keep the subconsciousness under the cultivation of healthy information within 24 hours.

Generally speaking, as long as one takes good care of subconsciousness in accordance with the above two aspects, the subconsciousness will take its way according to its own intrinsic order, which is completely consistent with the requirement in the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.