Universe and the field op human body

Author: Teíer Mu
Inner Mongoliat, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 197-198 , Word Count: 600

The existence of the universe and the development of society are based on a relatively high degree of material civilization and spiritual civilization. The human health is also a crucial point. Out ancestors have gained great achievements through the struggle of conquering and reshaping nature and meanwhile got a good understanding of nature. The laws are being drawn through struggle for production and scientific researches and peopleís knowledge of nature are being re-examined and being up-dated. We should not always take positive views as well as adopt an attitude of negating everything. We shall use scientific approaches to analyze, for we will understand one day that we shall never say non-existence only because we do not know the existence. And the opposed opinions might not be wrong and the encouraged points might not be correct. The history of man is a process of struggle, improving acknowledgment, making new discovery and progressing.

Our ancestors offer us precious cultural heritageís in the field of the latent potentiality of human body such as diagnosis and treatment with Qigong, inner vision, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. Masters of Qigong can make a long list of the heritage.

I'm going to focus in my understanding of human body, consciousness, nerve systems and channels through which vital energy circulates and along which the acupuncture points are located. Our ancestors raised in the medical field the acupoints and channels, however they did not give any illustrations. In my opinion, the human body is composed of three parts.

The first, as we know, is the human body (flesh), which is tangible and no need for any further explanation. The second, is the nerve system, which is coexisting with the flesh and takes control of the flesh. The third is vital power. I won't go into details with this part. For details you can consult the related parts in my essay. With the limit of time I also won't cover the details of acupoints and channels. Let me talk about the rejuvenation of mankind, which is a principal issue. As mentioned in my essay, man is no longer the original one as I believe. Time is flying and environment is changing dramatically. The climate has changed. The components of matter, I mean, the ratio of different component has changed.

The structure becomes loose, not as tight as it used to be. The cooling of the temperature makes it impossible for the matters to merge. In one word, the matter is evolving to something new, though it is similar to the origin. In some way the quality of man has also changed. You can find objective descriptions in my essay.

Man being developed to present civilization is due to persistent
struggle and at a cost of endless sufferings. Anyway, human beings become more intelligent because they realize that the science is the saver of mankind. Only with the development of science, man can exist and live a good life, so people devote to scientific researches. It is not easy for man to realize this point. To ensure concessive development of the society and full development of mankind, we shall respect science, study science and explore science. For survival, apart from doing research on natural and social sciences, we shall research on men ourselves. I hope the world can devote to Qigong science study, which can bring the world a promising future.

As in the Yellow River the waves behind drive on those before, so each new generation excels the last one. We will do more contributions to mankind than our ancestors. Let us join hands to reach our common targets.