My understanding of qigong science

Author: Te'er Mu
The Masses Office, Bayanzhuoermeng Administsation, Inner Mongolia, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 196 , Word Count: 355

As far as the importance of Qigong is concerned, I'd like to state my views on 'Yun Shen and Qigong'. Yuan Shen, in my opinion, is the congenital spirit inherited from parents and universe. In another word, it is the congenital vitality and consciousness. Being a section of thoughts, consciousness is the nerve part by which people experience and realize the matter. Besides pre-consciousness and thoughts, there is a potential consciousness that we call it subconsciousís for short. We may find subconsciousís when we remember or predict a thing in our daily life. Briefly speaking, it can be further understood as the remembering and predicting part of consciousness.

Qian Xuesen, a very famous scientist, spoke more than once of the importance of Qigong. In his own words, Qigong is the most advanced branch of science. It is based on and closely connected with modern science.

However, what's modern science? That's Qigong? How can we do better to exploit man's intelligence and potential? These questions are really worth doing some hard thinking.

Nowadays, imbalance exists when Qigong science develops throughout the country. The more developed a region is, the broader Qigong practical field will be. The more knowledge one has, the more interest he will have in Qigong. On the contrary, the poorer a region is, the slower Qigong will develop. But I take it granted since it is only a problem of time. Sooner or later people will benefit through experiencing Qigong.

In regard to the developing trend of Qigong, countries in the world
began to realize the importance of Qigong. Using our experience for
reference, they have done quite a few researches and even try to exceed us. Moreover, a more important role Qigong plays in the science research is also required. Having the sense of urgency, we Chinese must do our best to protect and develop our traditional but precious science.

Being an advocate of Qigong, I appeal for the help of symposium to
establish Qigong research committee. As an official organization, it will undoubtedly guide and regulate Qigong to play a more important role during the development of future science.