Effective energy accumulation in the human body

Author: Huang Chenzhang
Swimming-Pool, An King Rd. Hangzhou, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 191-192 , Word Count: 528

Scientific studies show that the emitted Qi sent by Qigong masters not only includes the energy in the form of infrared ray, static electricity, magnetism, but also changes molecular structure of matters as well. The author holds that the inner energy can be greatly enhanced by persistent Qigong exercise. The following three factors explain how and why.

Foundation of Chinese Cosmic Qigong:

It was in Hangzhou in November 1990 that the author first perceived the inner energy. At first, it is accumulated in his middle and lower Dantian like an egg-sized, orange-colored energetic cord, then, he could sense it became bigger and more colorful, finally, this kind of energetic core could be felt in every acupoint and joint.

Through practicing, the author found out that the energy can greatly strengthen the inner force by persistent practice. Since then, he began developing a new theory of Chinese cosmic Qigong under the guidance of Prof. Qian Xuesen's principle of Qigong. It has been approved by some authorities concerned and some biological investigations show that this kind of Qigong is of high level.

How To Accumulate Effective Energy In Human Body:

1. Theoretical Basis: No matter using what kind of ways to send
the inner Qi out, anyone has to make use of his energy stored
in his body.

The following reasons may serve to support my viewpoints:

From meridian's point of view - once Qi is filed with the human body, it can keep the Eight Extra Channels open and circulating in the system of meridians; from the zang and fu to limbs, warming muscles and organs, nourishing tendons, skin and hair. The above-mentioned Qi can only run under the circumstance where the inner force in the body is abundant.

From quantum mechanics' point of view - human being as a kind of highest level of organism is a complicated powerful system with features of open consciousness, while the universe is a super-powerful open system, inevitably, the two systems can interfere with each other. Therefore the human being's constant of the universe. Besides, it is natural for human beings to experience birth, aging, illness and death because of the loss of energy of motion field. To live a healthier and longer life, man should make efforts to convert the tangible substance to intangible living form of field energy.

2. Methods to Accumulate Energy Inside the Human Body:

Doing Qigong exercise under the guidance of the cosmic law and enhancing the function of the human body as a whole
Developing the potential powers of the human body and studying the law of the universe
Cultivating moral virtues and enriching theoretical knowledge

Application of Information of Energy to Medicine:

1. The following three major methods are used in clinical

Teaching Qigong and its curative methods along with sending message of energy to patients
Sending Qi to treat specific diseases
Making use of energy of the universe as well as Tian Ku Mi Fang by means of bringing consciousness and directions into place

2. Difficult and Complicated Diseases Cured:

a. Tumor
b. Hepatitis and liver stone
c. Rheumatoid arthritis and pain of trigeminal nerve
d. Severe near-sightedness and farsightedness
e. Heart disease and cataract
f. Sciatica, etc.