An elementary introduction to the regeneration of the marrow pulse

Author: Wang Zhisen
Shijiazhuang Health-Keeping School Hebei Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 189-190 , Word Count: 486

How to Regenerate the Marrow Pulse:

Sit cross-legged, and then raise your hands from the body sides to the top of your head slowly. Make your arms be in a right angle and the center of your palms be opposite to each other. Imagine you stretch your fingers to the horizon, and receive the spiritual energy of the universe. You will feel your hands numb and swollen as a stream of electric current is flowing into your body.

After that, move your hand to the back of your head, overlap them on Yuzhen (BL 9) (for man, put the right hand on the left, and it will be opposite for woman), then join your thumbs together. Make your arms and the upper part of your body be a plane, relax and straighten the vertebral column, close the eyes slightly, smooth the bows and prop the tongue against the upper jaw.

Watch and imagine that there are a lotus flower and a sarira in your belly. Wheel of the Law is spinning around over them, and a bright pearl is moving up and down at the same time. Pronounce 'Tong' six times, relax your vertebra in a proper order and get into an empty state slowly.

The Mechanism of the Marrow Pulse:

In the vertebral column, there are spinal cord and nerve center. The former can produce blood cells and the latter can conduct the command of the brain to the body. What's more, there are also
some corresponding tenderness in the column as well as the Urinary Bladder Channel that is on both sides.

From above, we can see that the vertebral column plays a very important role in building up one's health and strengthening the function of the whole body.

To practice the exercise, the trainee must sit cross-legged, contract the anus and belly, relax the waist, watch and imagine the lotus flower blooming in Shengfa Gong. Then he will make the spirit, energy and mind flock together to open and close the cells of Shengfa Gong. Thus, the internal energy will be released. The purpose of the process is to use the internal energy to renew and strengthen the function of other organs all over the body.


Fa Zheng Tian Di is a basic way of Jiu Zi Lianhua Shu. It can
adjust the vertebral column of the trainee, heal all kinds of diseases on the column, link up all the marrow pulse and take good care of the internal organs of the body as well as limbs and bones. By practicing, the trainee can improve his intelligence and develop his latent capacities.

However, the most important thing is that the yellow marrow can be turned into the white marrow, and then red one after doing this exercise for a period. This change will strengthen the trainee's ability of blood-making. In other words, the exercise will eventually help the trainee to regain youthful vigor.