Longevity through natural cosmic law

Author: Xu Gang
pt. 401, Unit 22, Xipg He Rd. Qi Xiang Tai Rd. Heping District, Tianjint China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 188-189 , Word Count: 334

Longevity has been the common wish of people. This paper argues that man exists in the universe, and he himself is a component of it. To live a longer life, man should start with investigation and study of the general law of the universe, including regularities and features of the composition and division of the universe, and make use of the law of the unity of opposites of dialectics. By reanalyzing the composition of the human body, the author throws light on the fact that the human body is composed of two parts:

the tangible part(Yang) - matter under the three-dimensional spaces
the intangible part (Yin) - matter above the three-dimensional spaces

The elements relevant to longevity: cell, existing energy, and
their effects on longevity. The key point of the theory shows that Qigong exercise will strengthen inner consciousness of Qigong and improve the ability of immune system against external evils, thus, in turn, it can decrease the speed of cell division. Besides, it has been approved by modern medicine that Qigong exercise can make electromegnetic wave of cerebral cortex synchronous, as well as keep activities of cerebral cells in order, especially in the terminal leaf and frontal leaf.

The author also points out the fact that the more skillful a master is, the higher order the brain manifests, which means Qigong exercise will be able to lower the expenditure of inner energy of the central nervous system and metabolism rate when the human body is in motion. Medical investigations shows that, when people are doing Qigong exercise, the oxygen expenditure decreases by 16% compared with normal condition, while the oxygen expenditure reduces by only 10% when they fall asleep. This illustrates that Qigong exercise is a non-oxygen expenditure exercise for health preservation. Finally, the author argues that hormone of cortex as well as hormone of growth may be decreased under the Qigong state, thus arrives at a new state of balance.

In all, Qigong exercise is the only way to prolong the life expectancy.