How to distinguish true qigong from false

Author: Yu Zhe
Swimming-Pool Qigong Association, An Ding Road, Hangzhou 3100021 China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 187-188 , Word Count: 427

Some people call themselves Qigong masters, founder of a Qigong form. But they cannot cure their own disease. Is it possible that they are true ones?

Observing his complexion and expression in his eyes, you find he is not healthy, and he doesn't have vigor. Is it possible that he is true?

For all the income from Qigong, if there is a surplus, except a few of which is used for improving the living conditions of the masters and staff, is it used for enjoying themselves or for public welfare?

He must be virtuous whether his Qigong is acquired or innate. It is absolutely impossible for him to affect himself, and require others to worship himself. There is a strange phenomenon in modern Qigong fields. The false dares to boast; the true don't dare to tell neither the truth nor the lies. What's to be done? The only way is to beat the bush, so others have to guess.

Usually, the innate Qigong master's meals are at will, and the postnatural Qigong master has a vegetarian diet and not extravagant.

Therefore, one should listen to his words and observe his actions. Generally, Qigong masters have similar habits: they eat less (comparatively), sleep less, and have less or no sex. In a word, they attach great importance to health preserving and virtue cultivating. Conversely, the so-called Qigong masters feign themselves and cheat others.

The real Qigong masters take no interest in 'success, fame, profit, emolument, sex, wealth, power, and ìpositionî at all. They stand aloof from worldly success, but they uphold impartiality to the man.

Only the real Qigong masters are very kind and easy of approach. That is because they attain the state of Tian Yi (unification of man and universe) after a long period of cultivation. Their internal power is strong, which relates to the saying 'De Dao Duo Zhu' (a just cause enjoys support) by Chairman Mao.

Materialism and directly perceived through the sense if Qigong turns out to be efficacious, trust it; if not, don't trust it. If one requires instant results no matter what kind of illness it is, it is not realistic; if it is efficacious in twenty or even thirty days, it is rather long. It should have effect in one to five days. It sticks to the old dogma that Qigong will be efficacious if he trusts it his being deceived is not Qigong's fault.

If the Qigong is easy to lead astray, it is a dangerous warning. For your health and personal safety, you had better not practice it.