[Tai chi reduces the number of falls].

Author: van Vugt VA1, Maarsingh OR1,2
Author Information:
1Amsterdam UMC, locatie VUmc, afd. Huisartsgeneeskunde & Ouderengeneeskunde.
2Contact: O.R. Maarsingh (o.maarsingh@vumc.nl).
Conference/Journal: Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd.
Date published: 2019 Feb 15
Other: Volume ID: 163 , Special Notes: [Article in Dutch] , Word Count: 101

Falls and fall injuries among older adults are common. Exercise interventions are a safe and effective way to reduce falls. Tai chi is a form of exercise therapy aimed at improving postural control, sensory integration and anticipatory control. In recent years, tai chi has already been shown to reduce the number of falls in older adults, compared to a control intervention. Recently, an American study reported that tai chi is also more effective than conventional exercise programme in reducing the number of falls. Implementation of tai chi in daily practice may be an effective solution for an important health problem.

PMID: 30816652