Research on the relationship between omni-bearingly strengthening health - care consciousness and a healthy and long life

Author: Song Zhijian//Wang Bing
Physical Education Department, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 186-184 , Word Count: 493

According to law, everything in nature germs in spring, grows in
summer, harvests in autumn and hides in winter. Human being is above all things. They not only have the ability to remake nature and society, but also dominate the world and reform themselves. More than 2000 years ago, our ancestors had already perceived the change of human being's physiology and psychology was closely related to environment. They had put forward the theory of the integration of man with the universe. They held the view that people's body is a micro-universe, following the law of the movement of yin and yang. That is to say: 'Man can never be separated from yin and yang'. In recent years, specialists both domestic and abroad, discover that one can live five to seven times as long as one's sexual mature period, which means he can live 100 to 140 years old.

However, one's natural life span is 120 years old if it's calculated by the product of cell division times and cell division period. It is just as the statement in Shang Gu Tian Zheng Lun in Nei Jing: 'If one has proper diet, regular life without overstrains, will keep his body and mind sound and live a hundred years old'.

We can conclude from it that body and mind are both the key to health and longevity. Ancient experts on health preserving once warned us. 'If one's mind is at ease, his life will be prolonged; if his mind is gone, he dies. Therefore, one must care for his life'. It is really an important subject deserving research.

WHO already defined health in 1948, i. e, 'Health does not only mean
absence of diseases but welfare of the physique, spirit and society.î
Henceforth further explanation was made 'Oneís health and longevity have something to do with many factors, such as genes, environment, medical
care, occupation, ability of self health protection, etc. However 40% are decided by self health protection'.

The ability of health protection depends on strengthening the sense of health care, which is closely related to the grasp of the knowledge of health care.

Especially nowadays, science and technology of human body is developing rapidly so we should unceasingly absorb the knowledge of health protection and deepen our cognition. Our understanding to human body is not only to know the muscle and skeleton, five organs and nine apertures, and viscera, but to understand the cell, which is the smallest unit to build the human body, and its close relation to Qi, blood, meridians and nerves.

Therefore, we should grasp not only the healthy subject of the 21rst century - psychologica1 health care, but also the scientific exercise -physiological health care, which can activate the potentiality of organism. Then, we can make the body and mind combine together, and understand the coordination of adjusting our mind, breath and
figure - the mild method to strengthen our bodies. Finally, we can really achieve the goal of inner training and body training.