Natural holographic law

Author: Huang Shuangfa//Xie Jiaqun
Kantou Clinict Xiangcheng District Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 185-186 , Word Count: 128

This paper mainly discusses the natural holographic law. The author
holds that the brain of man reflects the whole historical and spacious universe. He argues that Qi is the fundamental substance of the human being's activity. So all kinds of universal information are transformed into cerebral cells by Qi in the form of light, heat and electricity.

Man's cognitive knowledge is acquired from apparent and perceptual knowledge to essential and rational one by dealing with the information with conscious analysis, judgment and inference. Moreover, he further develops that the increasing exchange of information may keep the function of human organs in the balance of yin and yang, therefore, the potential powers of man are tapped and the goal of the integration of man with the universe is attained.