Qigong and cosmic holographic law

Author: Zhang Yong
Hubei Academy of TCM, 430074
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 180-181 , Word Count: 250

This paper mainly deals with a theory about cosmic holographic law and Qigong. As is known, an individual is composed of cells consisting of atoms. According to cosmic holographic law, an atom is able to attain non-organic information and a cell is able to get organic one, yet an individual can possess social messages, in other words, man can possess all kinds of messages in the universe.

To make it more specific, the view mentioned above means that any human body can be regarded as the integration of 'big universe' and 'small universe' Scientific findings show that the revolution of the sun, the earth and the moon may affect the function of the endocrine system, thus influence the human being's metabolism. Likewise, the human being's emotions affected by a piece of social message can also bring about effects on the function of metabolism, i. e., all the effects caused by the universe are due to cosmic holographic law.

Qigong exercise is a process to adjust the function of the human body
under the guidance of inner consciousness, so moral virtues cultivation and a peaceful state of mind are the two essential steps to successful Qigong exercise. Only under such circumstances, can the human body get as many messages as possible, and the human body - the small universe be synchronous with the universe - the big universe.

Qigong exercise is a kind of high-level practical activity. It is one
of the most effective methods to tap intellectual resources of man.