The relationship between health, beauty, longevity and culture of qi

Author: Feng Lida
Navy General Hospital, Beijing
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 179-180 , Word Count: 343

Human beings have long wished for sound health, beauty and longevity. It is the law of nature for people to experience birth, aging, illness and death. To live a healthy, happy and long life, people should first know what health, beauty and longevity mean, how to desire these purposes, and what are the factors that influence them.

What are Health, Beauty and Longevity:

Health not only means freedom of illness and weakness, but also requires a perfect condition of the body, the mind and the psychology. According to the latest definition issued by WHO in 1990, health means that a person keeps a good condition in the body, the psychology, the social adaptability and morality.

Beauty has become an aim of human life, and the level of beauty reflects the quality of life. Beautiful life means healthy body, good looks, beautiful language, excellent culture and fine spirit. People can build their body in the gyms and parks by doing exercises. And reading is a good way to
culture their spirit, through reading, they can enrich their
knowledge, widen their vision, get new information to
understand what life means, and find out the meaning of true

Longevity has been the common wish of people; birth, aging, illness and death are the natural law of human life. To live a longer life, people must live in accordance with the law of how to desire longevity.

Factors that Influence Health, Beauty and Longevity:

Natural environment
Food and drinks
Condition of the body and mind
Qigong and massage

Effect of Culture of Qi on Health, Beauty and Longevity:

Qi is the primary source of everything of nature; Qi is the material of objective reality that exists everywhere in the universe; Qi is human life.

Life or death, good or evil, poor or rich, honored or despicable; all are related to Qi. Not only can Qi regulate the physiological function of the body, but it can also promote human metabolism and immunity. Qi may serve to cure diseases and lead people to a healthy, beautiful and longer life.