On qigong, bamai and zhou yi

Author: Xia Luming
Yichang Chinese Medicine & Qigong Clinic, Yichang Textile Machinery Works, Wubei, 443001, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 177-178 , Word Count: 461

The produce of the book Zhou Yi has a close relation with Qigong. It played an important role in the forming and developing of the theories of Qigong and TCM. Mr. Li Shangxiang, the successor of Kai Ji Gong, once said, 'One who studies TCM must practice Qigong, for it's the mother of TCM.

The earliest Bagua was the universe model realized by the advanced Qigong master in remote antiquity after their observation of the heaven, the earth, and man. After decedents' modification, Zhou Yi became available. Without the background of Chinese culture, without foundation of yin-yang theory, without the practical foundation of Qigong, TCM will lose the source of living.

Qian Xueseng, a famous scientist, pointed out more specifically from scientific point of view, ìQigong and theories of TCM are interlinked, so Qigong is also the key to study TCM. If one wants to study theories of TCM and accomplish the modernization of TCM, he has to study Qigong scientifically at the same time.î

It clarified the interrelation between Qigong and theories of TCM. The practical foundation of theories of TCM is the body experience in practicing Qigong. Thus it can be seen that TCM originated from Qigong. The theory of meridians in Huangdi Nei Jing is not only the product of Qigong but also the path of Qigong practicers.

Qi Jing Ba Mai has the closest relation with Qigong. Bamai has direct relations with Bagua. ìQiî means ìdifferentî, and that is to say eight extra meridians are different from Twelve Jing. The naming of Eight Extra meridians is based on the three-dimensional spaces of the human body, including upward and downward, left and right, front and back, inside and outside, which is just the a reflection of the eight aspects of Bagua.

Li Shizhen was not only a medical scientist, but also famous in Qigong. He introduced so-called Bamai to Qi Jing from past dynasties into Qigong, and combined Qigong properly with Bagua from Zhou Yi. Therefore, Qigong has comparatively systematic knowledge to the circulation of blood in human body and the relation between Qigong and Bagua. The position of Bamai is on the central line of the body, which is called 'Xiao Zhou Tian', or 'Ren Du Circulation', or 'Kan Li Xiang Jiao'. That explained 'Xiao Zhou Tian Gong' was clearly explained by Zhou Yi Ba Gua.

There is a saying in Nei Dan Gong, 'Yang in the body is gathered in the heart and yin in the body is collected in the kidney'. Kan Li Xiang Jiao means the meeting of kidney and heart. If the kidney and heart do not meet, illness will appear. From those, we can say that if one can get the circulation of Ren Meridian through, he will lead a long life.