The universal holographic law and the model of the planet style of the human body

Author: Zhang Yong
Hubei Academy of TCM, 430074
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 177 , Word Count: 356

The universal holographic law is one of the basic laws existing in the universe. It holds that the universe is composed of matters which are similar to one another and everything in the universe owns messages. By study of the holographic law, Zhang Pinqing puts forward the theory of holographic embryo which is widely distributed in organisms. On the one hand, a holographic embryo is a structural unit under an overall control.

On the other hand, it is a relatively independent developmental unit. For example, traditional Chinese medicine thinks the human body consists of the Five Zang Organs, Six Fu Organs, Four Limbs and Seven Openings. They are structural units which can function differently but be totally controlled.

The theory of yin-yang and five elements in TCM considers the structure of the human body as that of the holographic embryo. They are relatively independent and different layers of them are corresponding structures in similar function, e. g. the kidney dominates bones, bones produce marrows, the heart controls mentality, connecting with the tongue, etc.

It shows the human structure is a holographic embryo structure of different layers. For another example, the human brain has two aspects of society and organism, which has a close relationship between the heart and kidney in accordance with the theory of zang-fu organs in TCM. As to the heart, it belongs to the society, as far as organism is concerned, it can belong to the kidney. The heart is yang, the kidney yin in accordance with the theory of yin yang. The brain controls the whole body by regulating yin and yang.

As stated above, according to the theory of the universal holographic law, the theory of holographic embryo as well as that of yin-yang and five elements, the structure of the human body can be described as a model of the planet style like the structure of the solar system and that of an atom. Of course, the five zang organs and six fu organs of the human body can't move as planets move around the sun, but their biological function metabolism is carried out under the control the human brain.