Use of Yoga, Meditation, and Chiropractors Among U.S. Children Aged 4-17 Years.

Author: Black LI, Barnes PM, Clarke TC, Stussman BJ, Nahin RL
Conference/Journal: NCHS Data Brief.
Date published: 2018 Nov
Other: Issue ID: 324 , Pages: 1-8 , Word Count: 87

Yoga, meditation, and use of chiropractors are types of complementary health approaches developed outside of mainstream Western medicine (1-2). Although complementary health approaches as a whole are not widely used among children, previous work has established a rise in the use of selected approaches over time (3). This report presents the most recent national estimates of use of the three most prevalent approaches during the past 12 months, among children aged 4-17 years in the United States. Comparable estimates from 2012 are also included to examine changes over time.

PMID: 30475687