Medical qigong therapy and surgery

Author: Johnson Jerry Alan
P.O.Box 52144 Pacific Grove, California, 93950,USA
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 163-164 , Word Count: 816

Medical Qigong Therapy is useful for treating patients before, during and after surgery. Qi extension can be used in order to reduce the patient's bleeding, enhance his immune system, minimize infection, strengthen his body, and accelerate his recovery rate. Medical Qigong modalities are involved in several aspects of operative therapy, such as Pre-Operative Therapy, Surgery, Post-Operative Therapy, Follow Up Therapies and Remedial Prescriptions.

Medical Qigong and Pre-Operative Therapy:

Although Medical Qigong Therapy has had incredible results in healing and/or stopping the progression of certain diseases, it is not a cure-all, and has also, other clinical modalities and limitations.

Currently, Conventional Medicine only utilizes three modalities for treating tumors and cancer, these include Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. In the healing process, undergoing surgery is sometimes unavoidable and should never be viewed by the patient as a defeat, but only as a necessary step in his or her healing transition. Having to face surgery should not be viewed as a negative reflection of a Qigong doctor's healing potential, not a patient's inability to heal himself, but sometimes an inescapable progression towards health.

Before surgery, it is important for the doctor to consider the psychological relationship that the patient has developed with their tissue, as the mental emotional and spiritual aspects of a disease are often ignored. The Doctor's involvement with the patient and the tissues which are about to be surgically removed are also extremely important, as this emotional interaction effects the patient's healing potential.

To prepare for surgery, the patients are generally given Qigong meditations and prescriptions that strengthen the Lower Dantian, Kidney's and Mingmen areas. One or several sessions may be specifically devoted to allowing the patient to connect with the diseased organ(s), as well as the regions that are to be operated on. An atonement with the Divine is initiated in order to assist the patient in relinquishing control, and for the removal of all energetic armor surrounding the diseased area(and the subsequent release of emotions associated with this armoring). The patient is then encouraged to disconnect any energetic attachments that the diseased tissues have formed with the surrounding cells, facilitating a final closure. This allows for an easier transition, as the patient's body must completely release the diseased tissues during surgery.

Just before surgery, the patients are given a meditation and encouraged to imagine a Divine White Light Energy submerging and enveloping the regions of their bodies which are to be operated on. The Lower and Middle Dantians, as well as the areas which will soon be operated on, should also be energized. In addition, the
Liver should also be energized in order to make sure that the blood coagulates properly during the surgery.

Medical Qigong Therapy and Surgery:

During surgery, the Qigong doctor will assist the surgeon by applying External Qi emission to the patient's body, energizing and strengthening specific areas. This is done in order to:

reduce pain and resist the pulling reflex action( shock
reaction) of the body's internal tissues and organs when the scalpel is inserted
reduce infection and bleeding, and help prevent wound shock (the response of the body to the initial tissue trauma)

Medical Qigong and Post Operative Therapy:

The separation and restructuring of the inner fasciae that occurred during surgery, can cause serious Post Operative problems by either stopping the Qi from flowing (causing stagnation), or altering the energies natural course (causing deviations).

This is why after the surgery has been completed, it is extremely important for the Qigong doctor to immediately dredge and disperse the turbid Qi from the patient's body. This is performed by combing over the fresh incisions, in order to reconnect the patient's energetic preoperative patterns, promote the rapid healing of the patient's wounded tissues, reduce the formation of scar tissue, and continue to alleviate the effects of the surgery.

In order to facilitate an escalated healing, the Qigong doctor must also energize the patient's Kidneys and any energetic field which may have been depleted. Also, in order to bring the patient's temperature back to normal and disperse any feelings of nausea after the anesthesia and shock of surgery wear off, certain Heart, Pericardium and Stomach Channel Points will be stimulated.

It is important to note that after an operation, the patient's Dantians and all his tissues have been depleted and need to be revitalized. While the patient is healing, their field of Wei Qi surrounding the area of the surgical trauma is usually dark to light gray. Therefore, the Qigong doctor will give the patient specific prescriptions and White Light Meditation images in order to energize and replenish the patient's damaged tissues and energy fields. The Qigong doctor will also continue to work on rebuilding, reconnecting and reinforcing the patient's Channels and Energetic Grids which the surgeon has severed during the operation.

This is important in order to enhance the tissues healing ability and strengthen the patient's energetic field.