Survey on Physical Fitness and Cardiovascular Function of the City Elderly in Different Regular Physical Activities in China.

Author: Chen L1, Wang S, Xu JC
Author Information:
1Liang Chen, Department of Basic Physical Education , Institute of Physical Education, Xi'an Medical University, Xi'an 710021, China. Email:
Conference/Journal: J Nutr Health Aging.
Date published: 2018
Other: Volume ID: 22 , Issue ID: 9 , Pages: 1107-1111 , Special Notes: doi: 10.1007/s12603-018-1070-0. , Word Count: 336

OBJECTIVE: To explore the relationship between sports law project selection and physical health, cardiovascular function of the city elderly.

DESIGN AND SETTING: To investigate the state of regular physical activity, physical health, and cardiovascular function.

PARTICIPANTS: 1,555 city elderly people aged 60-69 years in 10 cities of Shaanxi Province.

MEASUREMENTS: Clinical and anthropometrics measurements included height, weight, waistline, blood pressure, heart rate, strength, balance, flexibility.

RESULTS: The sports participation rate for the samples was 51.38%, which was with fitness walking (61.08%), Tai Chi (12.52%), fitness run (11.51%), dance(8.89%)as the main items; There were statistically significant difference in WHtR (F = 2.63), heart rate (F = 3.43), balance (F = 4.51), flexibility (F = 3.57), strength (F = 24.69) (all P < 0.05) for the two groups of elderly; Compared with the non-regular physical activity groups, these groups of fitness walking, Tai Chi and fitness running were statistically significant (all P<0.05). The systolic blood pressure (t = 4.18), diastolic blood pressure (t = 2.02), heart rate (t= -2.13), balance (t= 2.88) of fitness walking group were improved markedly. The balance (t = 4.42, P = .000) of Tai Chi group was significant. The strength (t = 2.48, P = .013) of fitness running group was significant.

CONCLUSION: The project of regular physical activity can effectively improve the physical health level and heart vascular function of the elderly people. WHtR was suitable for evaluating physical fitness of elderly people in regular sports. Fitness walking, Tai Chi, fitness running can effectively improve the obese elderly obesity levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fitness walking program can improve heart rate and blood pressure levels, and it also can be recommended as an exercise for improving the level of cardiovascular function, with the flexibility exercise being added. Tai Chi helped the elderly to improve their balance level and prevent falls. Fitness running helped to improve the elderly power and slow down the process of muscle degradation. The choice of Regular sports activities for the elderly was single, not according to their own physical or chronic disease of the targeted exercise.

KEYWORDS: The elderly; cardiovascular function; investigation; physical health; regular physical activity

PMID: 30379310 DOI: 10.1007/s12603-018-1070-0