Prevention and cure diseases of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system

Author: Tian Yuan
Qinggang County, the Institute of Science of Human Body and Life and Numeral Qigong, Luhe Lianghu, Qinggang County, Helonejiang, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 159-161 , Word Count: 691

The effective methods against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are strengthening immunity.

Complementing Qi and Blood includes doing Baojian Qigong seven times. Qi runs through the thorax, and then sinks in to the lower Dantian.

Do Qigong for Complementing Qi and Blood seven times.
Qi passes through acupoints Yintang (Extra), Baihui (DU 20)
Yuzhen (BL 9), and finally falls into the two kidneys.


Qi, running through the thorax, may stimulate the secretion of the thoracic gland; Qi, passing through acupoints Yintang, Baihui and Yuzhen, may excite the vitality of pineal body so as to complement Qi and blood and to strengthen kidneys.

Enhancing bones and generating the spinal marrow:

do Osteomalacia Qigong seven times
do Qi entering and the spinal marrow overflowing Qigong, ± seven times.

By doing this, bones can be strengthened and the spinal marrow produced. When people step into their 30s, the function of each body organ tends to weaken gradually and bones are caused to loosen. Hence, to do the above two exercises may directly achieve the aim of enhancing bones and generating the spinal marrow.


The immunity of the body immune system could be improved by doing the exercises.

Preventing cerebrovascular diseases, require doing Qigong to cure headache from blood vessels, seven times.

2. Do Qigong to cure cerebral artery sclerosis, seven times.


Cerebral vessels can be cleared and cerebral artery sclerosis relieved so as to prevent cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, etc.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases, do Qigong to prevent arteriosclerosis seven times.

Preventing heart disease, do Qigong seven times.

The filth (or dirt)inside the artery and coronary artery could be cleared away. As a result, cardiovascular diseases may be retarded and the healthy heart safeguarded.

Consolidating Curative Effects:

The eight kinds of Qigong to prevent cerebral and cardiovascular diseases should be practiced four to five times each day. It takes fifteen days to finish a course of treatment. The cerebral and cardiovascular systems and functions of every system inside the body are regulated to a pretty good state.

Consolidating curative effects Qigong Do Baojian Qigong seven times.

Preventing arteriosclerosis, do Qigong seven times.

Those two kinds of Qigong should be practiced in turn constantly every morning and evening.


The curative effect of Qigong can be consolidated permanently, and the body seems to keep in a good state for long. The curative techniques to cardiovascular and cerebral diseases. Treatment of headache and migraine are mostly due to cerebrovascular diseases. Unfortunately, some doctors mistake them for neuralgia.

Treatment of everyday headache by doing Qigong to treat cerebral headache, and then and there, the pain would relieve. Every day it should be done four times. In three or five days, headache would be cured.

Treatment of migraine requires doing Qigong to treat migraine,
or Qigong to treat cerebral headache. It should be practiced
four times every day. Migraine would be cured in five days.

Treatment of Cerebral Arterioscleroses:

Cerebral arteriosclerosis is the initial pathological changes of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. Do Qigong to treat cerebral arterioscleroses, twice, in the morning and in the afternoon. In five or seven days, it would be cured.

Treatment of Cerebral Thrombosis, Cerebral Infarction and Cerebral Hemorrhage:

First, do Qigong to treat cerebral arteriosclerosis seven times. Then do Qigong to treat cerebral thrombosis, or cerebral infarction, or cerebral hemorrhage, seven times. That is considered as a course of treatment, and to do three courses of treatment may get obvious good result. Four or five courses of treatment may cure the disease.

Treatment of Cerebellum Atrophy:

First, do Qigong to treat cerebral arteriosclerosis seven times, and then do Qigong to treat cerebellum atrophy seven times. That is a course of treatment. Practice it until the disease is cured.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease:

First, do Qigong to treat artery arterioscleroses seven times, and then do Qigong to treat myocardial infarction, or angina pectoris, or blood shortage to myocardium, or arterial fibrillation. Both cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases can be treated by Fingerprint Therapy, a kind of body life numeral information. Any case can be suited with a certain Fingerprint Therapy. The obvious curative effect can be obtained in a short time.