A beam analysis of 100 cases of headache treated by Qigong and guasha

Author: Liu Juan 1//Chen Jun 1//Li Daoqian 1//Cong Jing 2//Jia Shipeng 2//Wei Fenghua 2//Fu Guangsheng 2
Luzhong Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zibo, Shandong Province [1]//Zibo Qigong Science Association, Shandong Province [2]
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 158 , Word Count: 294

Our hospital has made use of SDN-606 BEAM to measure and compare the pre and post-therapeutic effect of Qigong and Guasha in 100 headache patients. Among the 100 cases, 40 were male, 60, female. Their age range was from 21-52 with an average of 36.5 years old. The diagnosis of headache(cerebrevascular disease) patients showed that the positive rate of BEAM was 83.02%, much higher than that of synchronizing EEG 52.83%.

BEAM and EEG have the same mechanism. They derive from the same thing ñBio-Electricity of the brain. However, EEG's complex undulate form makes it difficult to be read and judged. BEAM, in contrast to EEG, can clearly show the pathologic part and function disturbance.


Make the patient relax, regulate mind and breath. When inhaling Qi, think of a lotus contracting in the abdomen; when exhaling, think of a lotus blossoming. Repeat it for five minutes.

When the patient enters the Qigong state, the doctor uses Guasha plate to scrape Taiyang (Extra), Baihui (DU 20), Fengchi GB 20), Fengfu (DU 16), Yuzhen (BL 9)and Toujin for ten minutes. Effectiveness is seen right away; for some patients, their symptoms will be totally relieved.

Generally, the treatment is done once a week. After three times, obvious change of BEAM power value is revealed. Further research should be done on the mechanism of change. Qigong Guasha changes cortical potential. Relaxation of the whole body promotes the microcirculation, strengthens the oxygen supply to the brain and thus they make the brain achieve nonrandom structure of bio-electricity.

In general, the BEAM power value of headache patients of severe type can be 5-10 grades, the medium type, 4-7 grades, and mild-type, 3-5 grades. After three-times Qigong and Guasha treatment, the power value of severe type patients can reduce to 7 grades below, the medium, 5 grades below and the mild, normal.