165 cases of deaf-mute treated with emitted qi

Author: Miao Sheng
Dalian Hutan Convalescent Institute, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 152-153 , Word Count: 533

Breakthrough effects have been achieved when I treated 165 cases of deaf-mute with emitted Qi in more than 20 cities of China, in Singapore, the United Stated and Peru.

General Data:

Diagnosis of all deaf-mutes was made and failure of treatment was pronounced
Among the 165 cases, 67 were male, 98 female
3. The youngest was 5, the oldest was 28
4. 36 cases were congenital and 129, acquired
5. The duration of illness varied from three years to twenty years

Therapeutic Methods:

Based on the channel and collateral science, I applied emitted Qi plus mind focusing, finger pressure therapy and Qigong massage to dredge channels and collaterals and to stimulate nerves for conduction. Emitted Qi was given to Tinggong (SI 19), Tinghui (GB 2), Zhilong (1), Zhilong (2), Ermen (SJ 21), Yifeng (SJ 17), Yamen (Du 15), Lianquan (RN 23), Xiaguan (St 7), Huizong (SJ 7), Zengyin (Extra) and Yinying.

Criteria for Effects:

Cure: Whisper test, speech test, normal volume in 50-60db, ability to repeat what was said.

Marked Effectiveness: Whisper test, speech test requiring high volume of 80-85db; clear repetition of what was said.

Improvement: The doctor talked in high volume of 80-85db - patient was able to repeat out with incorrect pronunciation.

Failure: Absence of hearing ability, lingual receiving threshold and lingual recognition.

a. among the 165 cases 93 were cured
b. 40 markedly effective
c. 22 improved
d. 10 demonstrated no-effect
e. total effective rate was 93%.

Typical Cases:

Gao Hongyuan, female, 15 years old by age, living in Chagan County, Songyuan, suffered from inability of hearing and speech since she was born. The deaf-mute diagnosis was confirmed by a city hospital and failure of treatment was pronounced.

Wang Shuang, female, 19 years old by age, Jianhua Machinery Factory, Jilin Province, was condemned to aphasia due to injection of penicillin and streptomycin because of high fever at one year old. A city hospital diagnosed her as toxic deafness (acquired), and failed to cure her.

According to my therapeutic method, emitted Qi was applied. Half an hour later, the patient could repeat when whisper test and speech test of 50-60db were conducted. Comprehensive training of language behavior and sympathy was needed when they were back home.

In the treatment of deaf-mutes with emitted Qi, emphasis should be laid on the restoration of the auditory nerve function. The deaf is doomed to be mute. Therefore, treating deafness should be the priority which depends on Qigong master's capacity and manipulation. When Qi is emitted to the deaf-mute, the blood circulation of ears is effectively promoted, the Small Intestine Channel of Hand-Taiyang is dredged. As a result, Tinggong (SI 19), the key point of ears and the first of five notes, is treated.

Then the Gallbladder Channel of Foot-Shaoyang is dredged and auditognosed, according to Miraculous Pivot Jiyi which meets in Tinggong (SI 19). Next use finger-pressure to massage, to dredge channels and collaterals, to activate nerve for conduction, which may contribute to the coordination of Qigong infrared information, Qigong subsonic information and Qigong magnetic field effect. Moreover, static electricity, granule flow of electromagnetic wave and unknown beam information coordinate to stimulate resting potential of cochleae. Hence the microvolt of hairy cell in cochleae is re-regulated which leads to the final restoration of auditognosis.

However, further study on its scientific mysteries is necessary in terms of restoring the auditory nerve function.