The practice of Guo Lin qigong can enhance the immune system-assisting in the prevention and recovery from cancer

Author: Chung Siu Wong
Guo Lin Qigong Health Center, 4661 Ariel Avenue, Fremont, CA 94555 USA
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 148-149 , Word Count: 482

With 26 years of medical experiences with Guo Lin Qigong, it has proven that Guo Lin Qigong is of great benefit for all cancer patients; irrespective of the stage of their uterus, digestive tract, intestines, esophagus, leukemia or the lymph gland. Among all illnesses, cancer is deemed the most dreadful of all. To date, we have treated tens of thousands of patients from approximately 25 countries throughout Asia, the America and Europe.

Guo Lin Qigong is in agreement with both Western and Chinese medical theories pertaining to the treatment of cancer. It is necessary to increase the ability of the body to resist cancer, restricting its growth, prolonging the survival period and finally eradicating cancer cells completely.

According to Chinese medical theories, the origin of cancer results from any or combination of the following conditions: Deficiency of nutrients flowing in the body, imbalance of yin and yang, deficiency of both vital energy (Qi) and blood, channel blockage which leads to blood stagnation. This in turn causes accumulation of toxin in the body which triggers cancerous growth.

Guo Lin Qigong activates vital energy (Qi) which will bring nutrient flow in the body, balance yin and yang, dredge channels for free flow of vital energy and blood. If you can maintain good physical condition to this level then no disease or toxin can harm the body.

Chinese medicine also finds that emotional moods (such as happiness, anger, sorrow, worry, fright and anxiety), exposure to extremely changing weather, environment and diet consumption have an effect of the well being of internal organs to ward off attacks from various diseases. Guo Lin Qigong therapy focuses on avoidance of extremity of emotional moods, external environment and food consumption.

Through laboratory experiments in China, it has been known that oxygen is the enemy of cancer cells, which cannot exist among oxygen. Guo Lin Qigong therapy increases the oxygen content in the blood by many folds.

Those who have practiced Guo Lin Qigong for 3 to 6 months may experience the following reactions:

Spirit and outlook will change from pessimistic to optimistic, from despair to hope. This is of prime importance.

Gradually complete elimination of side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, thus allowing patients to complete the course of treatment.

Increase appetite and ability to sleep better, therefore allowing the body to rejuvenate. MDA, the world renown tumor center agrees that cancer patients who practice Guo Lin Qigong regain body weight.

Diminish or completely eliminate nausea, vomiting and difficulty in swallowing after chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Shrinkage to complete eradication of the tumor.

Red and white blood cell count rises from abnormal to normal.

Not only remission or elimination of tumors, all other ailments or chronic diseases in the body are also being eliminated.

Results of Patients Treated in USA Thru Guo Lin Qigong:

Cancer Number of Favorable
Type Patients Result Failure

Lung Cancer 115 69.4% 30.6%

Breast Cancer 93 70.6% 29.4%

Nose Cancer 65 57.5% 42.9%

Intestinal Cancer 55 52.1% 47.9%

Uterus Cancer 50 51.5% 29.5%