Observation on Effect of Qigong Therapy in Treating 295 Cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author: Zheng R
Linyi Rehabilitation Hospital with Medical Qigong
Conference/Journal: China Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Volume ID: 3 , Pages: 15 , Word Count: 203

Objective: To observe the clinical effects of Qigong on rheumatoid arthritics.
Methods: The study was carried out in 295 patients (20~62 years, 95 males, 200 females, with the course of diseases from two months to fifteen years) with rheumatoid arthritics.

All the patients were asked to practice Qigong (standing exercises) themselves everyday. They also received Qigong master’s treatment: flapping and emitting external qi to the affected part to promote blood circulation for killing pains, Qi-conducting pressing acupoints, once or twice per day, 10 days as one course. The symptoms were observed before and after treatment.

Results: The symptoms ameliorated after treatment .The total effective rate was 100%. 192 cases (67.2%) of the patients were clinical recovery (clinical symptoms disappeared completely with joint function in normal. Laboratory examinations showed that ASO and RF were negative. All this cases did not recur in half a year.) Among them, 103 with one course, 68 with two courses, and 26 with three courses.
83 cases (28.4%) showed obvious effect (the symptoms were almost disappeared with slightly limited joint function but normal life)
15 cases (4.4%) showed some effect. (symptoms and physical sign ameliorated a little)

Conclusion: The results suggested that Qigong is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritics. Not only the symptoms were ameliorated but also the side-effect was small and slight.