Analysis of 270 cases of hepatitis b with hepatitis b powder In combination with qigong

Author: Yang Feng
Lixin County, Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Anhui Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 142 , Word Count: 389

Hepatitis B is a kind of infectious disease caused by Hepatitis B virus and featured by pathologic changes in the liver. It, in terms of Chinese medicine, can be described as hypochondriac pain or disorder of the topographical region. Hepatitis B falls into three categories:

a. Type 1-blood stasis due to deficiency in the spleen
b. Type 2-blood stasis due to blood heat
Type 3-other causes such as retention of damp heat, deficiency of liver yin and kidney yin

Usually Chinese medicine adopts treatment of soothing the liver to regulate Qi, purging heat to eliminate toxins, activating blood to remove stasis, strengthening body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors. Modern medicine adopts antivirotic, immunoregulation and hepatinica. Medical Qigong, a fundamental part of Chinese medicine, is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, and an important method for people to preserve health, to cure diseases and to prolong life.

In recent decades, our Qigong and hepatopathy faculty staff does researches with a down-to-earth attitude and effects are seen on about ten kinds of liver diseases. Qigong induces the production of interferon and thus helps to cure h=Hepatitis B. Xiaozhoutian Gong regulates microcirculation, eliminates free radicals and promotes the reproduction of interferon.

The natural rate of positives turning to negatives in Hepatitis B virus carriers is 8%,but 30% is found if Qigong involved which is related to the inducing of the production of interferon. The recent three-year research on 270 cases of Hepatitis B indicates that the three positives turning to negative rate is 56% when cured with medicaments while the rate is 73.3% when treated by powder in combination with Qigong practice and Qi emission. The obvious effect is achieved.

The latter helps to increase the hepar blood flow, promote hepatocellular metabolism and regeneration, increase antinecrosis of liver cells, and suppress replication of virus directly. Moreover, it corrects hypoproteinemia and hypocoagulability, prevents and cures fatty liver.

Among 270 cases:

a. 174 are male and 96 female
b. ages range from 53 to 17
c. 35 cases are acute
d. 132 are chronic cases
e. 14 cases are measured as severe
f. 21 are carriers
g. 14 have early cirrhosis
h. 13 are severe ascites due to cirrhosis
i. 22 cases have the complication of diabetes
j. 19 with complication of myocarditis

Table of Effect of Drugs + Qigong Practice + Qi Emission:

HBV-DNA Cases of HBeAg or HBV-DNA
Classification Cases HBA HbeAg HbaAb HbcAb
Turning Negative Rate of Turning Negative(%).