Chaos and fractal of the human body in the qigong state, a complex theoretical approach to qigong

Author: Li Fuli
University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 184 , Word Count: 792

The human body is a complex system. In recent years we have
studied the human body science by nonlinear science and the complexity
theory. We have made three quantitative predictions on chaos and
factual structure of EEG and qi in the qigong state. New experimental
results coincide with the predictions. In this paper we Will give a very
brief review on this work and for the first time we will present the
calculation results on chaos and fractal dimension of qi in the qigong
state. We suggest that the theory of coincidence of the human body and
heaven and the chaos resonance principle are the basis of qigong
exercises and medical qigong, and the Chinese Qigong Medical Instrument
is the only chaos technology for the moment in the world.

According to the 'Five Element Theory' and the newest chaos
theory we made the three predictions:

1. The human body has strange attractor behaviors.

2. Both qi and EEG are CHAOTIC signals.

3. In the qigong state the correlation dimension of qi and EEG will
saturate at n = 5, corresponding to 'five' in the 'Five Element Theory'.

There are several evidences to support our predictions

1. Professor Scott and his colleagues have shown that the
correlation dimension of EEG saturates at n=5 for special cases.

2. Anhui Medical College has shown that the spectrum of subsound
in the meridians of sheep has continuous spectrum at low frequency
region. We are sure this is the chaos signal.

3. A group at the Zhejian University has shown that the correlation
dimension of EEG at the qigong state saturates at n=6.

4. Two group in Shanghai and Northeast China have given
evidences indicating the continuous spectrum of infrared radiation from
qigong masters.

Recently we have studied the infrared signal from qigong masters.
We have calculated the power spectrum. the phase diagram and the
correlation dimension. The main procedures and results are as follows

1. The qigong signal (infrared radiation for example) is :Y(t).

2. From the qigong signal to construct a vector space is a delayed


3. The correlation integral (FORMULA GOES HERE) and the correlation
dimension D2 are calculated


We have found that D2 saturated at n= 3-4. This means that the
qigong signal has low dimension strange attractor behavior. One can use
about 5 equations to describe the dynamics of the human body. The
chaos and fractal characteristics are universal in nature and society.

We have also shown that the structure and functions of the human
body also have fractal characteristics and infinite series of similarities
called Functional Structure Holography.

From the theory of coincidence of the human body and heaven, it is
also expected there should be some chaotic sources in the universe which
have the correlation dimension equal to that of the human body and
which should also saturate at n = 5. The ' resonance' of the chaotic signals
between the human body and heaven and between the human bodies
may be the theoretical basis of qigong exercise and medical qigong .
Recently, people have found that the electromagnetic radiation from the
solar system has the strange attractor behaviors with D2 = 3.5 and the
correlation dimension saturates at n = 4-5. So we expect that the
correlation dimension of qi in the qigong state should be D2 =3.5.

In connection with qigong we have also studied the
strange functions of the human body.We have made the following
hypothesis Qi has a super ability to produce living matters or to
solidify nitrogen; the brain has a squeezed state with super sensibility;
the time and space also have fractal structure and infinite self-similarity.

To understand qigong and peculiar functions of the human body. a
whole new theory might be essential. We call it 'the human body and
nature as an integrated one,' which deals with tachyon and super
quantum effects with h -> infinity . A new constant might be needed. When e=0 the
relativity theory and quantum mechanics can work well. However. when
e=O the relativity theory and quantum mechanics do not work at all.
Where is a constant in connection with qigong and mind. From the point
of view of relativity and quantum mechanics, the classical theory is the
limit 1/C->O and h->O, where c is the speed of light and h planck constant.
On the other hand, I/c->infinity and h->infinity may be in connection with qigong and
peculiar functions of the human body. So that is why today's natural
science cannot explain qigong and peculiar functions of the human body.
We need a new breakthrough. the relativity theory and quantum
mechanics is the limit C ->Co, h->ho (Co= 3 X 1O°cm/sec. , h = 6. 6 X1O-Y7
erg. sec.) of the new theory.