A novel database of bio-effects from non-ionizing radiation.

Author: Leach V1, Weller S2, Redmayne M3
1Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA), PO Box 152,Scarborough, Queensland 4020, Australia.
2Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association, Scarborough, Queensland, Australia.
3Victoria University of Wellington, School of Government, Wellington, New Zealand.
Conference/Journal: Rev Environ Health.
Date published: 2018 Jun 6
Other: Pages: /j/reveh , Special Notes: doi: 10.1515/reveh-2018-0017. [Epub ahead of print] , Word Count: 224

A significant amount of electromagnetic field/electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) research is available that examines biological and disease associated endpoints. The quantity, variety and changing parameters in the available research can be challenging when undertaking a literature review, meta-analysis, preparing a study design, building reference lists or comparing findings between relevant scientific papers. The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) has created a comprehensive, non-biased, multi-categorized, searchable database of papers on non-ionizing EMF/EMR to help address these challenges. It is regularly added to, freely accessible online and designed to allow data to be easily retrieved, sorted and analyzed. This paper demonstrates the content and search flexibility of the ORSAA database. Demonstration searches are presented by Effect/No Effect; frequency-band/s; in vitro; in vivo; biological effects; study type; and funding source. As of the 15th September 2017, the clear majority of 2653 papers captured in the database examine outcomes in the 300 MHz-3 GHz range. There are 3 times more biological "Effect" than "No Effect" papers; nearly a third of papers provide no funding statement; industry-funded studies more often than not find "No Effect", while institutional funding commonly reveal "Effects". Country of origin where the study is conducted/funded also appears to have a dramatic influence on the likely result outcome.

KEYWORDS: ELF; EME; EMR; RF; Wi-Fi; bio-effects; electromagnetic radiation; microwaves; mobile phones

PMID: 29874195 DOI: 10.1515/reveh-2018-0017