Effect of mind-control in qigong exercise investigated by an infrared thermovision imager

Author: Du Luoyi
China Medical Qigong Society, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 183 , Word Count: 432

'Mind control is the core of the qigong exercise. ' 'Mind can control the motion of qi 'Although most of the qigong exercisers have an intimate knowledge of these points, there still lacks of the scientific evidence. In this paper the effect of mind-control was investigated by an infrared thermovision image.

1. Experimental design and instrument
According to the phenomenon that qigong exercises can produce
the infrared effect, the subjects were divided into five groups.

Group A. The qigong exercisers emitted qi from the head and face
through mind-control.

Group B. Non- qigong exercisers emitted qi from the head and face
through mind control.

Group C. Hands of non-qigong exercisers in normal state were

Group D. Qigong exercisers emitted qi from the hand through mind-

Group E. Non- qigong exercisers emitted qi from the hand by mind-

These five groups were measured in the same condition and by the
same instrument. The purpose of the experiments is ( 1 ) Supply more
evidence of the infrared effect produced during qi emission; (2) The qi
adjustment by the qigong exercisers is stronger than by the non qigong
exercisers; (3) To measure if the non-qigong exercisers can emit qi or not.

The Model AGA 780 Infrared Thermovision Imager which we used is an
instrument with higher sensitivity, accuracy and resolution. When the
room temperature is about 30° C the resolution of this infrared
thermovision image is 0.1° C. When the temperature of the subjects
changes 0.2° C, the colour of the screen will change to the adjacent colour in the colour criterion. The difference of temperature represented by the adjacent two colours can also be adjusted to 0.5° C


1. Qi emission is no mystery. It is a general phenomenon in the
qigong exercise.

2. The infrared effect in the process ofqi emission can be modulated
and self-controlled by the mind.

Number Having Maximum Average
of Infrared % Change of Change of
Persons Effect Temperature Temperature
(deg C) (deg C)

Group A 21 21 100% 4 0.709

Group B 14 0 0% 0 0

Group C 12 0 0% 0 0

Group D 20 20 100% 3 0.891

Group E 12 2 16.7% 0.2 0.03

3. Experienced qigong exercisers can control his qi emission from a
definite part and time and diseases can be treated by the emitted qi .

4. Qi emission also has the effect of lowering temperature.

5. As concentrating their mind ,some non-qigong exercisers also can
enter the elementary qigong state.

From the above. we can 'touch' the qi which is considered
'invisible' on the screen and from the temperature change. Through the
comparison of the colour pictures before and afterqi emission the
temperature changes induced by the infrared effect ofqi emission can be
calculated. The results prove the effect of the mind-control of qi in the
qigong exercises.