A study of neck and brain ischemia by hand diagnosis and multifunctional color ultrasonography

Author: Cong Jing//Chen Chunfa
Luzhong Hospital of TCM Cibo 255067, Shandong Province, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 121-122 , Word Count: 204

Hand diagnosis can be traced back to the ancient times. Recently Qi-Blood Morphology H and Diagnosis developed by physician Liu Jianfeng has aroused social concern. It can tell the condition of health according to the morphological changes of Qi and blood in hands. We have made a study of the correlation between the hand diagnosis and the multifunctional color ultrasonography. Neck and brain schema is analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively and recorded by a computer. At the same time, the correlation between the hand diagnosis and multiple- function color ultrasonography in 100 cases was studied with CT and MRI. The occurrence rate of plaque of atherosclerosis (X), the occurrence rate of ecchymosis of hands (Y), the occurrence rate of green blood vessels (Z) were statistically managed in terms of correlation. The result is as follows:

Significant difference between the ratio of X and Y, P<0.01
No significant difference between the ratio of Y and Z, P>0.05
Significant difference between the ratio of X and Z, P<0.05

From above the occurrence rate of the three are in a positive correlation. The correlation coefficient is r1=0.9253, r2=0.9013. It shows that the Qi-Blood Morphology Hand Diagnosis is a good method to detect the condition of health.