The effect of daoyin health qigong to improve the function of nerves and heart in aged women

Author: Hu Xiaofei//Zhang Guangde
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 118-120 , Word Count: 711

With aging and menopause women will have a series of menopause syndrome, which especially has bad effect on nerves and heart, and affects their normal life. The period is critical to their later life. Presently, there is few research on improving the health level of aged women, whereas there are many aged women taking exercises for health. This research is to observe the change of the physiological index of nerves and heart in 31 aged women who practiced Daoyin Health Qigong for three months.


Subject of experiment based on 31 persons' data collected. The indexes before and after the exercise were contrasted and analyzed.

Method of experiment included practiced Health Qigong for three months, six times per week, one hour each time. During the experiment, the receivers were not allowed to do other exercises, to change diet habit, or to take any medicine. The experiment was as follows:

Complex reflection and the ability of breaking up. The indexes of test were:

a. right reaction (C)
b. score (C/N)
c. slow reaction (L)
d. total reactive time (T)
e. omitting (M)
f. right reaction to the stable light (O)
score for punishment (P)

The subject stood on a place 0.4 meter away from an electronic board. When she saw the flashing of the red light in a checks, she touched it quickly by her index finger and middle finger, and the machine recorded automatically and another was lighted until the end of the test. The speed of light was the second speed adding the central stable light, the time of light was 120 times, and it was random. The subject touched the light when the stable light was flashing (this light was in the middle of the board, which was a comparatively large green light, and it was lighted and shut randomly).

If the subject touched the light within 70% of the light time, she would be recorded as the right reaction; if she was beyond 70%, she would be recorded as a retarded reaction; if she failed to touch the light she would be recorded as no reaction, and she would be recorded as omitting.

Before the test, the examiner explained and demonstrated it to the subject, and then the subject practiced it, and finally the test began.

The prompt is after seeing the light, press it quickly and accurately, and the head and body can be moved.


The conditions of two times are quite similar. The subject hasn't got in touch with the machine, she hasn't practiced it during exercising the Health Qigong. Printed results recorded after finishing the test.

Ultrasonic electrocardiogram: Indexes of test were rhythm of heart (HR), inner diameter of left ventricle during the end of diastole (EDD), inner diameter of right ventricle (ESD), the time of contract (T); use Teichhoiz to calculate: volume of left ventricle during the end of diastole (EDV), volume of right ventricle during the end of diastole (ESV), SV, CO, EF, ES, MVCF, etc.


The subject rode a bike in the prone position, letting the head a little bit higher. The indexes of the 3rd and 5th minute at the last 30 minutes of the three periods were tested:

a. Peaceful State
b. Loading Period of the Movement of Every Level
c. Recovering Period of the Movement of Every Level

During the load of movement, the speed to 40, 50 or 60 per minute (the same before and after exercise) was adjusted based on the specific situation of the subject. As for power, it started
with 25W, added 25W every three minutes, and accomplished three levels of 25W, 50W, and 75W finally. During the riding, the subject should breathe steadily and rhythmically and not hold breath. The machine used is an ACUVISION-1000 produced in America, ALOKASSD-710 Ultrasonic electrocardiogram produced in Japan, and an ERGOTEST bike produced in Germany.


After three months' Qigong practising, the receivers' rhythm of heart is lowered, their ability to store of their hearts is strengthened, they have more effective way of supplying blood, the functions of pumping blood of their hearts are improved, and their hearts have more ability to bear the load:

1. It is benefit for improving the function of the nerve system.

It is beneficial for improving the cardiac blood system, especially improving the ability to bear the load of movement.