Observation of the effect of emitted qi on orange

Author: Feng Lida
Immunology Research Center, Navy Hospital, Beijing 100037
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 114-115 , Word Count: 400

Qigong is the rarity of the Chinese nation. Much has done in research of Qigong, and prominent success has been achieved, not only in fundamental theory but in practice. Qigong has been studied in relation to human science, but Qigong relates itself with the universe animals, plants and inorganisms.

As a special kind of energy, Qigong messages can transmit to environment through some modes. We started to study the emitted Qi's biological effect in 1978 and confirmed it could kill germs, virus and cancer cells. Meanwhile, it could promote their growth after it was regulated by the mind.

In order to see the effect of the emitted Qi on plants, we observed its effect on Oranges from August, 1991 to June, 1994. Professor Feng Lida gave out her Qi by herself to an Orange tree and the following results were found:

1. The Orange trees became very green

There were flowers and fruit, and natural fruit on different branches of the same trees

Unmatured fruits had plenty of chlorophyll. In maturing fruits, chlorophyll decreased or disappeared and was replaced by carotenoid, the fruit turned yellow from green. Some evidences showed that the Orange contained rich glucose fructopyranose, malic acid, citric acid, carotene and other nutritions which are used in medicaments with the effect to strengthen the stomach, resolve phlegm, enhance the flexibility of minute vessels, prevent rupture of vessels, extend coronary artery, enrich coronary blood flow, etc.

The effect of the emitted Qi on plants, especially on agricultural products, has been studied by other research institutes in the country and similar results found. Beijing University of Science and Engineering, 504 Group of the Inherit Institute of Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences reported the Observation of the Boosting Production Effect of the Emitted Qi on Winter Wheat Seeds.

The finding suggests that the emitted Qi plays a positive role in growth and development of winter wheat, which is cold and disease resistant. The wheat seedling grows higher, is deep green and the wheat head is big and rich. Our finding suggests that the emitted Qi be a special biological energy, and a special message as well which can transfer and transform among different species. The mechanism of the emitted Qi's effect on plants needs more study. However, our research has opened a new way, not only to life science, but also to applied science, offered to further observation, whether in life science or in Qigong application.