The influence of qigong on DNA mass

Author: Feng Lida//Qian Juqing//Peng Liaomin
Immunology Research Center, Navy Hospital, Beijing, 100037
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 112-113 , Word Count: 222

DNA is the carrier of genetic substances and it plays an important role in the genetic and variation process. Before cell division the DNA mass must be duplicated exactly in order to transfer normal genetic characteristics to the next generation. Diseases such as genetic diseases, tumors were originated from variation of DNA mass or/and construction. So research on pathogenesis at molecular level
would mean radical treatment of diseases.

There are many reports of therapeutic effect of Qigong on tumors, diabetes and other diseases. Our research is a preliminary study of the influence of Qigong on DNA, the large molecules of life.

We have obtained the study results as follows:

Quantitative analysis of electrophoretic zones of dna
(endonuclease treated plasmid): Qigong message reduce DNA
mass and it is directly proportional to the action time, i,e.
the longer the action time, the more obvious the mass is

Analysis of dna mass of electrophoretic zone by an intel 486dx computer DNA mass in the Qigong Group is lower than that in the Control Group, and the lowering degree is directly proportional to the frequency of treatment.

Analysis of spectrum of dna electrophoric zones indicate the peak of the DNA electrophoretic zones of the Control Group is higher and wider than that of the Qigong Group. Prolonging treatment time revealed an obvious variation.